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Reading Together at an Early Age Reduces the Risk of ADHD

29.07.2019 Author: Psychologist Pavel Khoroshutin
Reading fairy tales

Reading fairy tales and poems develops attentiveness and diligence in children and encourages parents to choose softer methods to help their upbringing.

Research, published in the Journal of Developmental & Behavioral Paediatrics, confirms a stronger parent-child bond in families where reading together is a common practice.

A group of researchers from Rutgers University in New Jersey, US, studied the data from a survey of two thousand mothers of 1 to 3 year old children. The women were asked how much time they spent reading with their children. Two years later, the same mothers were questioned again. This time the questions were about the behaviour of the children and how strict was the upbringing. It turned out that parents who devote a lot of time to reading to children adhere to a more liberal approach in education, and their children are more assiduous, attentive and calm.

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The research results show how important it is to sit down next to your children every day, to choose a book and read it to them. Do not turn to an audiobook with fairy tales before going to bed and go about your business but spend time with your children – sit next to them, turn pages, look at pictures and explain the things they do not understand. This is especially true now when a diagnosis of attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder is being made more and more often. It has already been proven that children with ADHD have more difficulties with studying at school – they often make mistakes, are unable to concentrate on details and are very absent-minded.

According to teachers, about 30% of children suffer from attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder. World statistics show that the prevalence of ADHD in different countries is between 3 and 10%. According to the WHO, 6% of babies in Russia have such a diagnosis.

So, read to your kids more and more often. Reading with Mom or Dad builds positive behaviours. Through books, the child learns about the world, he/she learns what is good and what is bad, and broadens his/her horizons. Reading is a good habit that will be helpful for your child in the future.