Child Center

«The Well-Behaved Child»

Teaching children and adolescents behavioral skills necessary
for the successful socialization of a child

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Development school. Raising a child

Fast-paced modern life doesn’t allow parents to devote enough time to raising children these days, unfortunately. The lack of professional knowledge about the upbringing and development of a child can often lead to conflict within the family. Our children's centre is a developing school for children and we solve the issues of raising children using professional training programs. For successful schooling, children need a certain set of behavioural skills, moral values and a sufficient level of emotional intelligence. All this can be learned in our children's centre. Our 20 child development programs meet all the requirements for raising a child.

Online Coaching. Tutor online

The development and nurturing of children take place on an online learning platform individually or in groups. As children’s individual needs and perceptions vary wildly, we will tailor the tutoring for them.

Education at school. Development program. Parenting program

The centre's education program is designed to teach the child all the behavioural skills and moral values necessary for successful schooling. Child development and child-rearing have been well understood for a long time now. The centre has developed a test system for assessing missing behavioural skills, moral values and methods of motivational training for the stable upbringing of children and adolescents. By testing the child's behaviour skills before and after the training, we show parents how successful the training was. This allows you to create a trusting relationship between parents and teachers. If you are conscious about the development of a child, we can offer you a comprehensive parenting program designed for several years, per the stages of growing up. This will allow you to consciously assess all stages of development and confidently raise a child as a highly moral, comprehensively developed personality.