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Advanced Training Courses

Advanced training courses for educational specialists. Advanced training courses for preschool teachers. Advanced training courses for teachers.

Advanced training courses for the staff of educational and pre-school institutions will provide you with knowledge of practical behavioural psychology in educational processes. Behavioural psychology is a very practical discipline aimed at managing individual and social group behaviour. You will learn how to work with the class using methods of encouragement without burnout, compulsion or pressure.

Medical advanced training courses. Advanced training courses for doctors. Advanced training courses for nurses.

Medical advanced training courses will provide you with knowledge of practical psychological methods for building positive relationships with your clients and also encourage them to go forward with the treatment process. You will learn how to manage the client's behaviour without burnout and create a positive psychological atmosphere in your workplace. You will learn simple methods of behavioural academic psychotherapy.

Advanced training courses for psychologists.

Behavioural psychology is different from other areas of psychology, so learning about behaviour management and behavioural psychotherapy techniques will open you up to new heights of professional excellence.

Advanced training courses for managers. Advanced training courses for enterprise managers. Advanced training courses for trainers.

Over 100 years of behavioural psychology, scientists have developed sophisticated methods for work team management. These methods involve workers' motivation and promotion of high labour productivity, which are based on encouragement only and not on punishment. The objective of these methods is to organise such a work team that would be goal-oriented and capable of tackling any challenges. The economic miracles in the US, the EU countries and Japan would not have been possible without the techniques of behavioural psychology. Get this knowledge first-hand!

Advanced training courses for personal development.

Knowledge of behavioural psychology is very important for every person. It is important both for building a personal comfort zone in the family and for achieving high social status. In this course, you can learn how to raise children and build healthy family relationships, as well as how to monitor your emotional state and increase your stress tolerance. This is very practical psychology.

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