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Нow the 7Spsy technology works

The 7Spsy technology was created at the Institute of Distance Psychology (Singapore) in 2014. It allows to effectively solve mental problems by changing a patterns of human behaviour.

The technology may be used in every family in order to solve different types of psychological and social problems, such as:

  • development and upbringing of children and teenagers – learning problems, lack of self-esteem, conflict behavior etc.;
  • self-development – how can we become strong and successful, develop our charisma, create a relationships full of harmony;
  • getting rid of addictions – alcohol addiction, overeating, internet addiction, love addiction etc.;
  • searching for the mental causes and follow-up correction of psychosomatic diseases – hypertension, stroke, arthrosis, allergies etc.;
  • solving the mental problems connected with post-traumatic disorders;
  • solving the mental problems connected with emotional disorders.

7Spsy technology. Behavioural change course

We offer an individual behavioural change course to solve any of problems of our clients. Our goal is to change mental attitudes by using behavioural learning mechanisms that affects all five channels of perception. This method effectively combines the postulates of Pavlov’s conditional reflects theory, Skinner’s theory of behavioural psychotherapy and the latest discoveries in behavioural therapy.

During the course of psycho-correction, we provide full involvement of the entire human sensory system. This helps us to achieve behavioural changes up to 2 – 6 weeks. The total length of the course depends on client’s mental features, the problem he would like to solve, current conditions etc.

The main advantages of behavioural change course

  • Fast results. It will take you about 70 days to solve your problem with the help of classical psychological consultations. 7Spsy technology allows changing client’s behavioural model and fixing a healthy condition for a period of 10 to 45 days.
  • Anonymity. There is no need to discuss private or intimate problems with our specialist. To identify problem and determine the status of a client we use an anonymous diagnostic test.
  • You take a course remotely. A client may take a course in convenient time and in comfortable conditions. Our psychologist works with you remotely and provides consultations, guidance and support. It will help you to effectively complete the course and achieve the result you need.
  • No side effects. Your behavior will change without any sufferings. There is no any discomfort connected with refusing of unwilling behavior. A new behavioural model is forming by degrees and the quality of your life is increasing. The method belongs to behavioural (or learning) psychology, so there is no need of using any medicines.

7Spsy technology patents: