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Psychotherapist counselling in psychosomatic diseases

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Psychosomatics is a science that studies the psychological causes of chronic conditions.

Numerous scientific experiments convincingly prove that most of the serious chronic diseases, such as hyper- or hypotension, cardiac, digestive system, respiratory or endocrine system diseases, diabetes, allergies, osteochondrosis, amblyopia, low immunity, infertility, obesity, insomnia and so on ensue from behavioural and emotional disorders.

Behavioural Psychotherapy. Removal of Сauses for Chronic Diseases.

The psychological method of behavioural disorder correction is called psychotherapy. If the disease is caused by behavioural disorders, then the return to normality is a way to treat such diseases. Thus, psychotherapy promotes recovery. Properly conducted psycho correction of a causative behavioural disorder results in complete recovery of the body.

Medication Therapy of Psychosomatic Diseases.

In general, medication-based treatments for psychosomatic diseases don't result in complete recovery, and only mitigate the acute phase of disease manifestation. Using this approach, it is possible to remove symptoms but not the causes of the disease. It causes the disease to become chronic. People with chronic diseases may feel bad and experience suffering during their lifetime, and spend a lot of money to maintain their health. Now, the ICD-10 list of psychosomatic conditions includes more than 100 items. Medication treatment of such diseases is to be necessarily accompanied by professional behavioural psychotherapy addressing the causes of the disease.

All diseases are caused by nerves (Folk wisdom)

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