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Science Confirms: Optimism gets Stronger over the Years

03.06.2019 Author: Psychologist Pavel Khoroshutin
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Contrary to popular belief, older people notice more positive things.

There is a stereotype that people become less optimistic as they get older. Failing health, domestic difficulties, and problems with children – all these issues can undermine an optimistic attitude to life. And such an attitude is the key to physical health and peace of mind. However Science says this stereotype is false.

For 7 years, a group of researchers from the University of California conducted a life orientation test among 1.1 thousand people aged 26 to 71. Every two years, respondents of both sexes noted how often good and bad events happened in their lives over the past period, for example, getting a promotion at work or a divorce in the family. As a result of the analysis, the scientists built a “trajectory” of optimism and concluded that the optimistic mood grows with age up to about 55 years, and then remains at the achieved level.

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At the same time, people with more positive events in their lives turned out to be more optimistic. The number of negative events did not affect the level of optimism at all.

Interesting fact: Earlier studies have shown that optimism depends on genetics only at 25%, and 75% on the influence of the environment. Optimism can be learned. This is a style of thinking that can be developed not only in yourself but also in your children.

It is known that optimism and an active lifestyle are the secrets of longevity, and a pessimistic attitude, on the contrary, shortens life. Over the years, you understand that you can find a way out of any situation. Try not to merely go with the flow, but act decisively . And if you cannot change the situation, you can always try to change your attitude towards it.