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Our service offers additional training as a counselling psychologist in one of the most popular fields of psychology – behavioural psychology. During your training, you will gain the skills and professional experience you need to work as a counselling psychologist in the fields of education, medicine, sports, industry and business. Added to that, you will also be able to provide counselling in family, crisis and self-developmental psychology.

Psychology education. Re-training as a psychologist. How long does one have to study to become a psychologist?

Students with a specialised secondary vocational or higher education are eligible for this course. The duration of training is 250 hours. The training takes place on an online learning platform, at a time convenient for you. You will not only receive academic knowledge in the field of practical behavioural psychology but also have the opportunity to practice your skills during the course, as it includes plenty of practical classes in pairs with other students and instructors. This means that you will start to build up your own practical experience and psychological counselling cases straight away. Throughout the course, you will be accompanied by a personal tutor and at the end of your training, we will also help you find a job if necessary.

Psychology training with a diploma.

Our courses are licensed by the Russian Federation Ministry of Education, which means that you will obtain a state-recognised diploma at the end of your course.

Behavioural psychology, unlike competing approaches in psychology, is based on scientific experiments and therefore is very practical and highly effective.  This is why we can confidently say that our graduates’ skills are in high demand in the labour market.

Test “I would like to become a behavioural psychologist”

1. I know what psychology is
2. Behavioural psychology is the most practical psychology there is
3. Behavioural psychology solves the problems of behavioural and emotional disorders
4. I can become a behavioural psychologist in as little as 250 hours
5. I can study remotely to become a consulting psychologist in parallel with receiving higher education, and then receive a diploma of higher education, as well as practical knowledge in counselling and a diploma of a consulting psychologist
6. I would like to be able to retrain for and learn a new and prestigious profession
7. I like working with people and being useful to people
8. I consider the profession of a psychologist prestigious
9. Behavioural psychology is the best method for managing individual and social group behaviour
10. Investing in your education is the most effective kind of investment
Total number of points: 0

1-12 points. You have found your vocation and most suited profession.

13-20 points. If you answered the questions carefully, you should reconsider your intention to become a psychologist.

Behavioral psychology, Professional development
Duration: 76 hours / from 2 weeks to 4 months
Consultation with a methodologist curator online by phone or whatsapp, zoom
Discussion with the curator of the methodologist of career guidance issues. Differences between psychology and psychotherapy and psychiatry. Discussion of the diversity of various psychological and psychotherapeutic directions. Selection of an individual course of study.
The price is valid until June 30th!
Behavioral psychology, Professional retraining
Duration: 250 hours / 6 to 12 months
Behavioural psychotherapy. Professional development
Duration: 76 hours / from 2 weeks to 4 months
Behavioural psychotherapy. Professional retraining
Duration: 250 hours / 6 to 12 months

What awaits you at the consultation?

In 60 minutes of conversation with leading psychologists
Sessions are conducted by phone whatsapp or zoom
- Tell us about your problem
- Clarify the request and outline a psychotherapy plan
- Get support and better understand your situation
- Find answers to your questions
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