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Psychotherapeutic Help for Oncology Patients.

Medicine attaches much importance to psychotherapy in oncological disease cases. Multiple scientific experiments prove the efficiency of such therapy. Research that shows women with metastatic breast cancer who used psychotherapy living three times longer than those who did not is especially illustrative.

Motivational Attitude of Mind in Oncological Diseases.

Oncology treatment requires high motivation and serious long-term tuning into the fight against the disease. It is this high motivation that behavioural psychotherapy can give a patient within a rather short period.

Anti-stress Support to the Sick.

When a patient is notified about his/her oncological disease, it is very powerful stress for him/her. Often, this stress becomes the reason for a rapid decline in the bioenergy of the organism. That is why anti-stress psychotherapeutic work with the patient is required in these cases.                                                                     

Destructive Behaviour Correction.

Psychotherapy always diagnoses a certain type of behaviour in cancer patients, which is, probably, the cause of the disease. That is why, for complete healing, it is very important to correct the problem behaviour and eliminate the disease causes. For example, to help a lung cancer patient quit smoking. Or help the patient take the required diet. To refuse alcohol. To establish self-control over toxic emotions. Taking into account that it is necessary to act quickly in oncology, behavioural psychology is required for these purposes.

Behavioural Psychotherapy. Psychological Help Online.                         

It is possible to take the cancer behavioural therapy course online, with the use of the most advanced behavioural therapy methods, under the supervision of psychotherapists from our centre. To do it, all you need is a computer (or a smartphone) and internet access. Psychotherapeutic training sessions are held at a time convenient to you, and with maximum comfort.

Take a test to check cancer psychosomatics

1. Do you feel fear when you think about cancer?
2. Have you been ill for more than a month?
3. Do you feel apathy when you think about cancer?
4. Do you often have intense pain?
5. Does the pain degree depend on your emotional state?
6. Do you stop working when you are ill?
7. Can you control your emotions?
8. Do you often feel stressed?
9. Do you have events that you consider a catastrophe?
10. Can you quit your habits yourself?
Total number of points: 0

from 10 to 12 points. You are mentally resilient. It is a component required for good health.

from 13 to 20 points. You should think about taking a psychotherapeutic course to eliminate the behavioural causes of oncological diseases.

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