Fostering a Respect for Cultures of Other Nationalities


How should you bring up your children?

The development of respect to the cultures of other nationalities is very significant for the social involvement. Children learn many legal skills in the process of socialization. New technologies of upbringing include special methods of conveying morals to the consciousness of each person and turning them to personal principles and behavioral skills.

Online School. Online Training

Morals are trained in the Child Centre remotely, online, so no matter where you live, you can also access it. You will not have to travel to the Centres, you just need to connect to the website. We have developed programs for individual sessions with a tutor as well as online group training. To illustrate the high quality of teaching, a test system for the assessment of students’ behavioural skills before and after the sessions has been developed. As a result, trust-based relations are formed between teachers and parents. The parents can see at any moment what their child is being taught and how his/her behaviour is changing.

Take a test to assess your child’s respect to the culture of other nationalities

1. Have you noticed that your child picks quarrels with children of other nationalities?
2. Are there people of various nationalities within your circle, and the child is comfortable with this?
3. Are there people of various nationalities within your circle, and the child is comfortable with this?
4. Would your child refuse to make friends with children of other nationalities?
5. Does your child have problems because he/she does not accept children of other nationalities?
Total number of points: 0

From 1 to 5 points. The test showed that your child is tolerant to children of different nationalities, and that is great. In our times, when we can travel more easily, this is an important quality, for children need to learn a commonality with people from different cultures.

From 6 to 10 points. The test showed that it is difficult for your child to find any commonalities with children of other nationalities. He/she may consequently have problems at school and elsewhere when coming across people from other cultures, that is why we suggest a solution. There is a special program at our Centre that helps teach your child to communicate in a different way, without conflicts. We will be glad to help you.

Fostering a Respect for Cultures of Other Nationalities

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