Fostering Industriousness

What is laziness?

There is a saying: “Idleness is the root of all evil”. Laziness is a learned type of behaviour, and starts when an individual does not feel like getting up in the morning. Then he/she does not feel like studying or working, then even too lazy to love. They then reaches the point of depression under the slogan “I’m too lazy to live”. Often, when laziness gets to its peak, a person starts to look for a way out.

How can you make yourself work? How can you overcome laziness? How can you get rid of it? How can you defeat laziness? How can you treat it? Visitors to our website often ask these questions.

Industriousness. How can you develop it?

Industriousness is the opposite condition and is also a learned type of behaviour. It is the behaviour lazy people dream of, for industriousness is a condition when one gets pleasure from working. It is a state of mind, where the person likes to work, and has a wish to work. This approach to life should be developed in children, as coaching of industriousness begins in childhood. But what can be done if the parents do not have time to address this? It is possible to develop industriousness from our Centre using motivational training.

Online Training

The training is held remotely, online, so no matter where you live, you can also access it. You will not have to travel to the Centres; you just need to connect to the website. We have developed programs for individual sessions with a tutor as well as online group training. To illustrate the high quality of teaching, a test system for the assessment of students’ behavioural skills before and after the sessions has been developed. As a result, trust-based relations form between teachers and parents. The parents can see at any moment what their child is being taught and how his/her behaviour is changing.

Take a test to assess your child’s level of industriousness

1. Your child refuses to do things that require exertion and effort?
2. Do you often have to ask your child to help you around the house?
3. If you suggest enrolling for activities in clubs or athletics classes, your child refuses?
4. If you start doing something together with your child, do you notice that he/she soon loses interest?
5. Does your child refuse to clean his/her room?
6. Do you notice that your child is negligent when doing anything that has been asked of him/her?
7. If some obstacles arise, does your child quit an activity right away?
8. Have you noticed that your child usually does home assignments half-heartedly?
9. Does your child often search for ways out and uses guile to avoid work activities?
10. Does your child like to laze many hours away?
Total number of points: 0

From 1 to 10 points. The test has shown that your child is not afraid of getting to work and can carry activities to their conclusion. This is a very important quality for achieving success in life. If you continue developing industriousness in your child, he/she will be able to achieve anything that is aimed at.

From 11 to 20 points. It is likely that your child experiences problems with achieving goals and general industriousness. Do not despair for this, it can be changed. A special approach is required to cultivate a love of labour and not to provoke the opposite reaction.

Fostering Industriousness

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