Headache. Migraine

The course of learning new behavior:

Диагностическое тестирование
Diagnostic testing
Персональная программа тренинга
Personal training program
Набор инструментов для прохождения тренинга
A set of tools for training
Личный психолог
Personal psychologist

You Have a Headache. Why Do you Have Headaches?

Psychosomatics that studies headache causes, states that 90 % of chronic headaches are connected with behavioural and emotional disturbances. To get rid of headaches, it is necessary to contact a behavioural psychotherapy specialist.                                               

Headaches. Headache Treatment. Headache Tablets.

A headache is a signal from the person’s central nervous system about  existing problems in the body. It exists as a symptom in many diseases. But, in some cases, after a disease, a headache stays in the person’s subconscious mind as a “secondary benefit” and can regularly appear as a responsiv psychological reaction of the body to some stimuli in the environment.

In this case, drug treatment cannot cure the person, though it can alleviate pain with the help of pain tablets. Behavioural therapists successfully treat chronic headaches as a behavioural “secondary benefit”.

Migraine. Migraine Treatment. Migraine Tablets.

A migraine is a classical expression of a headache as a psychological reaction to the behavioural environment. There are no migraine tablets. Patients use tablets to alleviate pain, and to overcome the next migraine attack comfortably However, behavioural therapists successfully treat migraines.

Behavioural Therapy. Psychological Online Help.

It is possible to take a behavioural psychotherapy course online, under the supervision of behavioural therapists from our centre. To do that, all you need is a computer (or a smartphone) and internet access. Psychotherapeutic training sessions are held at a time convenient to you, and with maximum comfort. Courses last 2 to 6 weeks.

Take a test to check migraine psychosomatics

1. Do you have headaches often?
2. Is your headache not connected with some other diseases?
3. Have you talked to a medical doctor who gave you the tension headache diagnosis?
4. Have you talked to a medical doctor, and he told you that you have a migraine?
5. Do you take pain tablets during headaches?
6. Do you stop working when you feel ill?
7. Do you start having a headache after an emotional talk?
8. Do headaches appear after some stress?
9. Does headache lead to your apathy?
10. Are you looking for a doctor to solve this problem?
Total number of points: 0

from 10 to 12 points. Your headaches are probably caused by some other reasons, not psychological.

from 13 to 20 points. We recommend you take a psychotherapy course to eliminate psychological behavioural causes of your headaches

Psychotherapist consultation online by phone or whatsapp, zoom
Discussion with a psychotherapist of the causes of psychosomatic diseases. Selection of an individual course of psychotherapy.
The price is valid until June 30th!

What awaits you at the consultation?

In 60 minutes of conversation with leading psychologists
Sessions are conducted by phone whatsapp or zoom
- Tell us about your problem
- Clarify the request and outline a psychotherapy plan
- Get support and better understand your situation
- Find answers to your questions
Fast communication with us
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Our advantages

Строгая конфиденциальность
An effective method of learning
The method was patented in the USA, the EU and the Russian Federation in 2021-2022
Удобный онлайн-формат
Convenient online format
You take a distance learning course at home at any time
Бесплатные консультации
Free consultations
During the course of behavior change, you are accompanied by a psychologist
Быстрый результат
Quick result
The duration of the course is from 10 to 42 days, depending on the condition