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Herpes. Herpes Treatment.

Multiple kinds of research have shown that some difficult viral diseases have psychosomatic roots. Herpes exacerbation happens as a reaction to behavioural stimuli. Herpes is a conditional response to the inborn reproductive reflex. Pharmacological herpes treatment has to be combined with behavioural psychotherapy aimed at bringing the reproductive reflex to normal.

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Psychosomatic diagnoses in herpes patients are usually a certain type of emotional disorder connected with the reproductive reflex. Disorders are stimuli launching herpes reactions in lips and genitals. That is where the sensible erogenous zones are located. Behavioural psychotherapy aimed at restructuring these disorders helps eliminate the herpes causes.

Herpes Treatment. How to Get Rid of Herpes? How to be Cured of Herpes?

Herpes treatment requires high levels of motivation and serious long-term setting of your mind to disease fighting. Behavioural psychotherapy can provide such high motivation within a rather short time to the patient. Herpes is stressful for the person. Often, it is stress that causes a drastic decrease in immunity. That is why anti-stress psychotherapeutic work with the patient in such cases is also obligatory.

Behavioural Psychotherapy. Psychological Help Online.

It is possible to take the herpes behavioural therapy course online with the use of the most advanced behavioural therapy method available, under the supervision of psychotherapists from our centre. You just need a computer (or a smartphone) and internet access. Psychotherapeutic training sessions are held at a time convenient to you, and with maximum comfort.

Take a test to check herpes psychosomatics

1. Do you feel fear when you think about herpes?
2. Have you been ill for more than a year?
3. Do you feel apathy when you have a rash?
4. Do the attacks happen once a month and more often?
5. Does the degree of sensation depend on your emotional state?
6. Do you stop working when you are ill?
7. Can you control your emotions?
8. Do you often feel stressed?
9. Do you have events in your life that you consider a catastrophe?
10. Would you like to change lots of things in your life?
Total number of points: 0

from 10 to 12 points. You are mentally resilient. It is a component required for good health.

from 13 to 20 points. You should think about taking a psychotherapeutic course to eliminate the behavioural causes of your herpes.

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