Hypertension. High blood pressure

Human Blood pressure. Origins of Pressure.

Human blood pressure is controlled by the central nervous system within the unconditioned reflex of circulation. Blood pressure increases or decreases as a natural physiological and psychological response to stimuli from the environment. If a person feels indignation, their pressure is raised and blood rushes to the face. If a person is frightened, their pressure goes down and skin turns pale.   

High Blood Pressure. Arterial Hypertension. What is it? Causes of Disease.

Hypertensive disease is a learned form of behaviour in which the blood pressure increase response to environmental stimuli becomes uncontrollable by the CNS and threatens the person’s health. Thus, the disease is caused by a behavioural disorder of the unconditioned circulation reflex.                                    

Arterial Pressure. Blood Pressure Pills. How to Decrease Pressure? Medication Treatment.

Generally, hypertension treatment using medications does not result in complete recovery mitigating only crisis peaks of hypertension. Using this approach, it is possible to remove symptoms but not causes of the disease. Therefore, the disease may take a chronic form. There are no pills against hypertension. Pills used for reduction of hypertension are extremely dangerous for health. People may suffer from chronic hypertension during the lifetime and spend a lot of money to maintain their health, until they remove the behavioural causes of their disease. Medication treatment of hypertension is to be necessarily accompanied by professional behavioural psychotherapy aimed at the normalization of the unconditioned circulation reflex.

Take a test for psychosomatics of hypertension

1. Do you experience fear when you feel that your blood pressure is rising?
2. Have you already been suffering from hypertension for more than one year?
3. Does your blood pressure at the crisis phase exceed the normal level more than 20%?
4. Do you experience hypertensive crises once and more often in a month?
5. Does your blood pressure depend on your emotional condition?
6. Do you experience negative emotions when your blood pressure is rising?
7. Are you able to control your emotions?
8. Do you frequently feel stress?
9. Do you encounter events regarded by you as a catastrophe?
10. Do you want to change many things in your life?
Total number of points: 0

from 10 to 12 points. You have good emotional intellect and stress resistance. These are necessary components of good health.

from 13 to 20 points. You might consider taking a psychotherapy course to remove behavioural causes of hypertension.

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