Services to Educational institutions

Training in new methods for children’s education and development, for teachers in educational institutions.

Motivational Education method

A professional method for the development and education of children and adolescents.

Based on the law “On Education..”, educational institutions shall ensure the moral education of students. Heads of the educational institutions shall be the ones in charge of the quality of the education the students receive. However, at the moment such additional educational activities are carried out without approved methods guaranteeing the result.

Motivational education is a professional method of moral education for young people. The process of teaching moral behaviour is aimed not only at informing students about certain moral skills, but also at motivating the students to act in this way. In other words, when being taught healthy lifestyles, students should not only learn about facts of a healthy lifestyle but also realise that they would even like to adhere to such life principles. This is evidenced through students’ testing before and after these classes. Implementing the Motivational Education method in the students’ upbringing at an educational institution will make it possible for the educational process to fully comply with the Law on Education and to have a real impact on the moral image of the younger generation.

Heads of educational institutions wishing to use this method for their students, have to sign an agreement with our organisation. We will provide the necessary materials and equipment and give teachers training according to the new method within a month.

Organising professional additional educational activities at educational institutions on a partnership basis.

We would like to offer educational activities for students in your educational institution through our online learning platform. Classes are taught by highly qualified educational psychologists. We would like to assure you of the high quality of our educational techniques for adolescents and guarantee a positive result.