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One drop of nicotine will kill a horse. That’s a fact. However, people who sell “death” find arguments to suggest otherwise. Medicine considers smoking an addiction since its consequences are catastrophic. That is why a message appears on the packaging of cigarettes: “Smoking kills.” If smoking has become your vice, it will not be easy to give up. Statistics show that only a few people can give up smoking with willpower alone. The rest struggle with their addiction, but they lose: they start to smoke again and again. When that happens, it is safer to use the services of a behavioural specialist to solve your addiction problems.

How to Quit Smoking. Smoking Tablets.

Trying to replace cigarette smoking with e-cigarettes does not reduce the harm of smoking. Vaping, tobacco and electronic cigarette smoking are an attempt to run away from your problems. There are no anti-smoking tablets. Pharmacological therapy of smoking shows low efficiency as smoking dependence has psychological causes. In the 21st century, the treatment of dependencies is based on psychological methods.  It is impossible to get rid of smoking addiction without solving psychological problems. Behavioural psychology considers smoking a behavioural disorder. Its methods are aimed precisely at eliminating the psychological causes of smoking. That is why the efficiency of the behavioural training techniques for smoking cessation approaches 90%.

Quit Smoking at Home. Psychological Help. Quit Smoking Online.

It is easy to give up smoking with our psychological centre.  You just need a smartphone or a computer and Internet access.  There is no need to waste time on trips, just get connected to the training website and have the training session at home, sitting in your favourite armchair or lying on your favourite sofa.

Take a test to determine your level of smoking addiction

1. Do you smoke at least once a day?
2. Do you want to quit smoking?
3. Have you already tried giving up smoking?
4. You can’t give up the urge to smoke, even if you have to work.
5. Do you know that smoking is dangerous to your health?
6. Do you feel the urge to smoke all the time?
7. Are you determined to quit smoking?
8. Do you feel embarrassed to talk about your problem with smoking?
9. Are you making any effort to reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke?
10. Do you smoke whenever you want to?
Total number of points: 0

from 10 to 12 points. Your behaviour commands respect. You may stop smoking without any help.

from 13 to 20 points. You should seriously consider changing your attitude to smoking and, probably, using the services of a specialist to change your behaviour if you think that your effort is not sufficient.

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