Teaching Stress Resistance



Everyone knows that stress is a major cause of behavioural and emotional disturbances and, as a result, the cause of various diseases and illnesses. Psychologists know that it is difficult for a person with a low-stress tolerance level to develop good social relations. What is stress? How can one relieve stress? How can I overcome stress? How do you avoid stress? How can you cope with stress? How can one calm down when stressed? How does one recuperate after stress?

Visitors to our website wanted to know the answers to these questions, but the common answer is simple – you have to learn to stay calm when in stressful situations. Practising resistance is essential because stress cannot successfully be treated with medication alone

Stress is the reaction of a person’s nervous system to a stimulus that puts his/her vital functions in danger – either allegedly or in reality.

Stress Management

Stress tolerance is managed by a person’s behavioural skills allowing them to resist stress without emotional outbursts that can harmful for themselves and/or society, thus avoiding mental disorders. The healthy skills of tolerating stress are commonly called psychological resistance and are formed in the process of a child’s development. Psychologists distinguish ten behavioral skills a person needs to be taught to form a high level of stress resistance. We teach these skills from our Centre as a part of the courses on stress tolerance development.

Online Training

New behaviour is trained remotely, online, so no matter where you live, you can also access it. You will not have to travel to the Centres, you just need to connect the website. We have developed programs for individual sessions with a tutor and also online group training. To illustrate the high quality of teaching, a test system for the assessment of students’ behavioural skills before and after the sessions has been developed. As a result, trust-based relations form between teachers and parents. The parents can see at any moment what their child is being taught and how his/her behaviour is changing.

Take a test to assess your child’s ability to cope with stress

1. Does your child tolerate stress calmly?
2. Does your child avoid conflict situations?
3. Does your child calmly accept events that cannot be changed?
4. Can your child set goals and achieve them?
5. Having found him/herself in an unfavourable situation, can your child take decisive actions?
6. Failures do not upset your child much, right?
7. Is your child self-confident?
8. Does your child keep up hope in the case of a failure?
9. Is your child confident in his/her future?
10. Does your child have a healthy lifestyle?
Total number of points: 0

From 1 to 10 points. Congratulations – your child has a high level of stress tolerance. This will help him/her in later life – both in work and in developing personal relations.

From 11 to 20 points. The test has showed a low level of stress tolerance. We recommend that your child trains to form the ability to cope with stress in one of our development courses.

Teaching Stress Resistance

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