Vision correction. Behavioural psychotherapy.

The course of learning new behavior:

Диагностическое тестирование
Diagnostic testing
Персональная программа тренинга
Personal training program
Набор инструментов для прохождения тренинга
A set of tools for training
Личный психолог
Personal psychologist

Vision. Eyesight Impairment. Eyesight Improvement. Psychological Assistance in Case of Vision Disorders.                                                                                                

Causes of vision impairment can be divided into two types: physiological and psychological. Your vision may deteriorate as a result of some affliction (diabetes, hypertension, alcoholism and so on) or ageing processes. Nevertheless, 70% of all cases show that vision impairment causes are related with emotional and behavioural disorders. In this event, vision recovery can be achieved using behavioural psychotherapy training.

Ophthalmologist. Oculist. Eye Disease Treatment. Contact Lenses.

Regretfully, contemporary medicine insufficiently uses psychotherapeutic methods to treat eyesight disorders. Sometimes, patients are not even warned that when starting to use contact lenses, they take a wrong way leading to permanent sight deterioration. Every few years, the ophthalmologist will determine further impairment of sight and prescribe more powerful lenses.

Psychological Assistance. Psychotherapeutic Correction of Sight.

If vision impairment is caused by emotional and behavioural disorders, then psychotherapist counselling will be the best way of return to normality. This allows you to save money on glasses and medical aid …and maintain your eyesight in normal state avoiding permanent degradation as it happens in the case of using lenses.

Psychological Assistance. Online Counselling.

Psychotherapeutic vision correction course on the learning platform takes 2 to 6 weeks. The classes are held two times in a day and last each about 10 minutes. If you already use glasses or lenses and the quality of your sight is low, passing this course would allow you to achieve a significant improvement of vision. You need only to have a PC/smartphone and an internet connection. Classes can be arranged at any time convenient for you with a purpose to make your training as comfortable as possible.

Take a test for psychosomatics of eyesight impairment

1. Have the quality of your sight began to drop after you were diagnosed with a chronic disease?
2. Is your age higher than 50 years?
3. Are you misusing alcohol?
4. Do you feel difficulty when reading without glasses?
5. Does your eyesight depend on your emotional condition and the time of day?
6. Have you got signs of excessive weight?
7. Are you able to control your emotions?
8. Do you frequently feel stress?
9. Do you encounter events regarded by you as a catastrophe?
10. Do you want to change many things in your life?
Total number of points: 0

from 10 to 12 points. You have no psychological causes for eyesight impairment. This is a necessary component of good health.

from 13 to 20 points. You might consider taking a psychotherapy course of eyesight improvement.

Psychotherapist consultation online by phone or whatsapp, zoom
Discussion with a psychotherapist of the causes of psychosomatic diseases. Selection of an individual course of psychotherapy.
The price is valid until June 30th!

What awaits you at the consultation?

In 60 minutes of conversation with leading psychologists
Sessions are conducted by phone whatsapp or zoom
- Tell us about your problem
- Clarify the request and outline a psychotherapy plan
- Get support and better understand your situation
- Find answers to your questions
Fast communication with us
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Our advantages

Строгая конфиденциальность
An effective method of learning
The method was patented in the USA, the EU and the Russian Federation in 2021-2022
Удобный онлайн-формат
Convenient online format
You take a distance learning course at home at any time
Бесплатные консультации
Free consultations
During the course of behavior change, you are accompanied by a psychologist
Быстрый результат
Quick result
The duration of the course is from 10 to 42 days, depending on the condition