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Slims Also Cry, or How to Quickly and Safely Gain Weight

24.09.2019 Author: Psychologist Pavel Khoroshutin

“I’m terribly thin. With my height of 165 cm I weight only 41 kg. I have good health and appetite, but I’m not able to gain weight anyway.

Everyone thinks that only fat girls suffer. But even the slimmest one has to suffer. I was constantly bullied in school. “Stick”, “bone”, “skeleton” – I heard that from all my classmates. In high school, my mother sent me to another school, because I could not go to the old school anymore – a depression from constant bullying has begun.

I always thought that with age people become wiser and smarter. But now I’m sure they don’t. And now, 15 years after school, acquaintances and strangers constantly ask me: “Why are you so thin?”, “Do you eat anything?”, “You are so thin, you have cancer?” It annoys me a lot. All questions and advice are very intrusive and impolite. I’m tired already to reply all and everyone that I’m healthy, but not able to gain weight. I have a lot of problems, I am isolated. There are no boyfriends or children in my life. I try to dress decently, so no one would notice my thinness.

Yes, I tried to gain weight. I tried to eat only fat and flour-based food. But instead of a beautiful body, I got gastritis and stretch marks on the skin. The gained kilograms quickly left, as if they didn’t exist. I don’t know what to eat to gain weight. I’m tired. I want to be a normal girl with beautiful forms, and not thin like a teenager”.

– Anna, 32 

Many people consider thinness a gift of fate, so the difficulties with weight gaining are much less discussed in society. A girl who complains that she cannot gain weight in her hips and waist, is unlikely to get her friends’ understanding. But excessive thinness is not always a conscious choice of a person. In some cases, weight deficiency can be associated with physical and mental illnesses. In the article we will discuss the reasons of insufficient body weight. Let’s find out how quickly and safely to gain weight for a skinny girl.


Why is thinness dangerous and why do people want to gain weight?

what is the danger of thinness

Specialists use the Body Mass Index (BMI) to identify the weight deficit in patients. To diagnose obesity, it is not too effective, because it does not take into account the “quality” of excess kilograms – it can be not a fat layer, but strong muscles. But in the case of low weight, BMI is more relevant – a person does not have “excess” fat or muscular tissues.

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BMI is determined by the formula: I = mh2 (kg / m²), where m is the body weight (kg), h is the height (m). According to the World Health Organization, the BMI below 18.5 kg / m² can indicate a dangerous weight deficit. This situation requires control. [1]

Excessive thinness, like obesity, is bad. Lack of weight can cause a person a lot of health problems:

  1. Weak immunity

To fight all kinds of viruses and bacteria, the body needs energy. With a lack of nutrients, this energy is clearly not enough. Studies by American scientists confirm that patients with body weight deficiencies are suffering much more often, and even “banal” cold lasts longer.

  1. Bone fragility

In people with insufficient weight, the bone density is reduced. As  scientists from Italy have confirmed, there is a risk of fractures with a long process of osseous fusion and osteoporosis development.

  1. Poor condition of skin, hair and teeth

Most people with body weight deficiency experience a lack of vitamins and minerals in the body. And this directly affects the condition of hair, skin and nails. The skin acquires a sallow color. Hair and nails become brittle. Also, studies by Korean scientists prove that with a low body weight, the risks of tooth decay and the development of caries increase greatly.

  1. Continuous fatigue

Energy is also needed for active life. Thin people have less of it, which means they get tired even with low physical and emotional activities.

  1. Difficult to conceive of a child

Scientists suggest that skinny women, due to the failure of the menstrual cycle, have problems with conception more often. The body receives much less nutrients, which is the cause of hormonal disorders.

  1. Complexes

It seems that thin people don’t have problems at all. But it isn’t true. Any imperfections in appearance can cause emotional worries and stresses. Thin women, like fat women, often cannot find a partner or relax when communicating with others. Continuous emotional tension is a direct road to depression and the development of self-doubt.

Causes of excessive thinness

reasons for thinness

The main cause of the thinness may be the factor that is the easiest to correct. It is an active lifestyle while you burn more energy than it comes to your body with food. Such a mad rhythm of life creates the conditions that calories do not accumulate in muscle or fat tissues, as it should be, and are immediately spent on physical activity.

But there are far more dangerous reasons for thinness:

Eating disorders

Violation of food behavior is psychogenic due to a behavioral syndrome associated with eating disorders. Specialists distinguish several deviations in this area – nervous anorexia, atypical nerve anorexia, nervous bulimia, atypical nerve bulimia, emotional overeating, psychogenic vomiting, etc.

The main sign of any food disorder is the strengthening of control over own weight. As a rule, a fierce fight with excess weight is conducted – via strict diets, vomiting, taking laxatives, long training in the gym. Gradually, this turns into a mania. Weight is lost, but it does not give emotional comfort. Mental disorder develops numerous complexes and fears. [2]

Each of the food disorders is a serious problem. The measures, untaken in time, threaten with the consequences that are dangerous for human physical and psychological health. In some cases, people with bulimia and anorexia get to the hospital exhausted, they have an acute weight deficiency that threatens life. A person with an eating disorder usually suffers from depression or other mental disorders. The treatment is long and comprehensive. [2]

Patients with eating disorders need help from a psychologist, because the root of the problem lies in incorrect behavioral attitudes. Try the 7Spsy behavior modification course. By changing negative attitudes to positive ones and mastering a healthy behavior model, you can get rid of the obsessive desire to lose weight. So, you will leave aside all the risks of “ruining” your health and begin to enjoy a full life.


In some cases, even with a well-organized nutrition, the body experiences an acute shortage of vital nutrients. Something “eats” the vitamins and minerals received before they reach the internal organs and systems. There comes the excessive thinness and the desire of a girl to quickly gain weight. This can result in a number of diseases:

  • liver, kidney or digestive system disorders
  • hormonal failures;
  • gluten intolerance;
  • infection with helminths;
  • cancer;
  • HIV [1]

If you started to lose your weight quickly without changing your way of life, consult a doctor. It is important to find out what causes weight loss and, if necessary, start a treatment.

How can one fast and, most importantly, safely gain weight?

tips for maintaining weight

The reasons why a person wants to gain weight can be different. But in any case it is important to draw up such a plan, so that the process would not harm health.

How to gain weight for a thin girl? The following needs to be done:

  1. Consult a doctor

Self-treatment is not allowed. In case of weight deficiency it is important to exclude possible diseases that contribute to a sharp weight loss. So, visit a therapist. A specialist will be able to recommend some measures helping gain weight, taking into account the background. If necessary, a doctor will give referrals to other specialists – a neurologist, a dietician, a gastroenterologist, an oncologist, an endocrinologist, a gynecologist.

  1. Motivate yourself

It is difficult to fight the established habits in daily routine and in nutrition. But to gain weight it is necessary to do so. To make the goal closer, motivate yourself.

Buying a beautiful sports costume, a personal blog on the Internet, subscription to the stars and fitness coaches – the motivation can be different. The main thing is that should work in your particular case.

  1. Be patient

It is impossible to gain weight quickly at home without a harm to your health. A correct weight gaining is a long process. So take your time and show more patience. Health is in the first place.

  1. Think about a new diet

Weight gaining is the gaining of fat and muscle tissues. On the way to the goal, it is necessary to reconsider the usual diet. Prepare yourself for the need to create a new menu and include food that you may not have eaten before.

To gain a healthy weight, it takes a long time to eat correctly. It must be your new way of life.

  1. Sports

The gym is not only for losing weight, but it is also for gaining weight. Go for training. Later you will eat more, so it is important that the excess calories entering the body will turn not only into fat, but also into muscular mass. That is why sports are indispensable.

Consult an expert. Not all workouts will be helpful in weight gain.

How to make such a menu that a woman can gain weight?

weight gain menu

It is important to think about the diet, so that it would be as useful to the body as possible, and charge the energy for productive work and training in the gym.

According to experts, for a healthy weight gaining it is necessary to exceed the caloric content of the usual diet. But this surplus should not exceed 500 kcal per day. Otherwise, the menu will be more harmful than good. A nutritionist will help you make the right diet. [1]

What are the points to consider when making a diet for weight gain?

  • Increase the size of your favorite meals by one third. If you are not accustomed to this, use bigger dishes. New dishes “cheat” the brain.
  • Eat more often. Make a menu so that there are 4-5 full meals a day.

What do you need to eat to gain weight? Add more healthy calories to the menu:

  • nuts and dried fruits;
  • fatty fish;
  • meat and poultry;
  • fat dairy products (milk, kefir, cheeses, cottage cheese, yogurt).

If you want to gain weight at home, do not forget the useful snacking that will increase the volume of calories consumed per day. It is also an additional source of essential proteins for the organism. Snack with  nuts, whole grain bread with humus or cheese, toast with peanut butter, yogurt with bran, fruit salads with sour cream or natural whipped cream.

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How to train and quickly gain weight for a girl?

Sports should help you build muscle mass without wasting calories. This is why not all sports exercises are suitable for those who need to gain, but not to lose weight.

Start by limiting cardio loads. They help burn calories with minimal muscle mass, so they work against you at this stage. Running, cycling, rowing simulator, jumping are all things that are not right for you now.

For a woman to gain weight quickly, weight exercises are ideal. These are the exercises based on work with tiling – CrossFit, a number of yoga techniques and aqua-aerobics, exercises with dumbbells and barbells. Starting training is better with a personal coach, since lifting weights requires a special approach and can cause harm to health. Under the guidance of a professional, you will achieve the desired result faster and ensure effective prevention of sports injuries. [1]

What should not be done in an attempt to gain weight fast

The most common mistake people make in trying to get the “missing” kilograms is a huge amount of food, which contains a lot of calories but does little good. This includes fast-food (French-fries, burgers), topped with fat sauce, sweet carbonated drinks, cookies made of wheat flour, refined sweets, meat delicacies. Such a diet, if you do not have any diagnosed diseases that cause you to lose weight, will really help you gain several kilograms. But there is a risk that another problem will soon emerge: obesity.

Choosing an unbalanced menu with a large amount of not the most useful food, you risk your health. Improper nutrition can contribute to the development of diseases and disorders in the functioning of vital systems of the body. It is a risk of diabetes and gastrointestinal tract pathology, limb edema, hypertension, chronic fatigue.

5 tips to keep normal weight

how to gain weight quickly and safely

Even if you no longer have the question of “how to gain weight” and if all problems with weight gaining are in the past, you cannot stop. It is possible that the kilograms gained with such a difficulty will fade again. To record the result, follow a number of rules:

  1. Love yourself “new”

You still think about yourself as a “skinny bony” even though you look different now? With such self-criticism, the weight you have gained will disappear again because of the continuing stress you are in.

Look at yourself in the mirror – you are beautiful and moderately slim. Love your new look and try to keep your complexes and low self-esteem in the past. A peace of mind is an excellent prevention of weight jumping.

  1. Develop healthy habits

A balanced menu and regular training will help a girl quickly gain weight. But the arrow on the scales only then will stand normal, when proper nutrition and sports become your useful habits. If, having reached a certain result, you return to the previous way of life, there is a risk that you will lose weight again.

Weight jumps are a huge stress for the body. Therefore, try to keep the rhythm in which you live now. Do not allow yourself to be that thin, and then fat. The weight must be constant, without sudden jumps to the greater or lesser direction. Agree with yourself that healthy nutrition and sports are forever.

  1. Do not let the situation on its own

Keep your weight and health under control, even if you think your goal is achieved – you have gained weight. This is especially important when weight loss is caused by a particular disease.

Weigh yourself, adjust your training and nutrition program, and visit doctors if necessary. But try not to turn the struggle for a slim body into a mania.

  1. Enjoy your meal

Many skinny girls cannot gain weight because they have poor appetite. They have to literally force themselves to eat more. Most likely, during weight gain, the menu was replenished with unloved things. But a full meal is a necessity in case of a body weight deficiency.

To avoid any problems with weight jumps in the future, learn to love food. Every meal is treated as a holiday and a pleasure. Have your lunch and dinner not in a hurry, savoring every spoon of the cooked meal.

  1. Give yourself a right to mistake

Do not fix on failures, give yourself a right to mistake. Even if after a positive result in weight gaining, the weight is gone again, keep trying. A failure is no reason to forget about the goal. Move forward by strengthening your efforts and finding more powerful motivations.


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