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Turning to the bright side of a healthy lifestyle: how to change behavior to feel better?

16.07.2019 Author: Psychologist Pavel Khoroshutin

Health is not just the absence of any serious illness. This concept is considered as the complete physical, social, and mental well-being of a person. Unfortunately, many people do not comply with the simplest norms of a healthy lifestyle. Someone is at the mercy of bad habits, not finding the strength to back off on alcohol and cigarettes. Others, unable to rest and distract from household chores, are constantly restless and annoyed. In the article, let’s talk about ways to form the right habits on the way to a healthy lifestyle. Why should everyone think about their health?


The link between health and healthy lifestyle

The link between health and healthy lifestyle

Taking care of your well-being allows you to live a full and happy life. Physically and the emotionally “strong” person easily performs the tasks, overcomes everyday difficulties and copes with nervous stress. Life becomes brighter and more interesting.

It is wrong to associate unhealthy lifestyles only with the presence of bad habits, such as smoking and alcoholism. This concept includes other factors that negatively affect health:

  • lack of physical activity,
  • unhealthy eating,
  • non-compliance with the daily regimen and hygiene rules,
  • constant overwork, and
  • incomplete rest. [2]

According to doctors, 50% of human health is determined by the lifestyle. Much less physical condition depends on the environment, any genetic factors and the degree of health development in the country of residence. [1] Therefore, it is safe to say that our health is in our hands. If a person learns to eat right, engages in sports and gives up bad habits, it will keep and strengthen its health.

We will teach you how to maintain and strengthen your health

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6 habits that affect health

“After 30 years, a problem appeared  – I began to be indifferent to my body. Previously, I was quite active and in good physical shape, but now I have so many problems that there is not enough time (but mostly – desire) neither to train nor to eat properly.

Every time I think about starting to do exercise, go for walks/runs and go to bed early. However, all my good impulses quickly fade, I constantly find some excuses. I have “crunchy” joints, I do not want to go anywhere on the weekends, I’ve gained weight and began to smoke, I’m constantly sleepy. I feel that I literally “break up”, even though I’m not so many years old. I don’t know how to force myself to do sports.”

– Irina, 33

Doctors highlight 6 main factors that form a healthy lifestyle — healthy nutrition, physical activity, abandonment of bad habits, adherence to hygiene rules, emotional well-being, and proper rest. [2]

1. Giving up bad habits

Leaving bad habits behind and replacing them with useful ones is the first way to start a long journey to a healthy lifestyle.

Smoking, drug addiction, and alcoholism is not a complete list of bad habits, affecting health. Objectively assess your way of life. Non-compliance with the daily regime, constant procrastination, and laziness, emotional breakdowns on loved ones — all these are also habits that have to be corrected.

If you do not know how to achieve this yourself, you can seek help from psychologists, for example, take a course on the 7Spsy behavior modification technique.

2. The importance of hygiene

Personal hygiene covers not only the issues of proper skin care, care of teeth and other organs of the body, but also a rational daily routine, living conditions, and strengthening of immunity. All this helps to maintain good health. Besides, clean teeth and skin, neat haircut and manicure, and ironed clothes make up your image and attitude to yourself.

Form the right habits in taking care of yourself, your home, and your clothes.

3. The importance of physical activity

The importance of physical activity

Physical training improves not only the functionality of the skeletal muscular system of the person but also the indicators of all other systems of the body. An active person is strong in body and spirit, hardy, and efficient. What else is needed to achieve your goals in life?

How to train yourself to do sports? Physical activity is not necessarily an exhausting workout in the gym for hours. A banal morning exercise will be enough for well-being and maintaining a good shape.

4. Importance of healthy nutrition

Compliance with the diet helps to maintain a normal weight, which is extremely important for the prevention of eating disorders, obesity and diabetes, as well as various diseases of the digestive and cardiovascular systems. [1]

A well-designed diet should provide all the important nutrients for the body’s needs. Healthy eating is not a strict “hungry” diet in order to lose weight. The menu should be varied and balanced. In order to learn how to eat properly, it is important to include in the diet all groups of foods rich in useful substances, such as meat, vegetables, fruits and berries, and leafy greens. Nutritionists recommend developing habits of healthy nutrition — small portions of food 4-6 times a day, only healthy snacks, less sweet, etc.

5. The importance of emotional stability

In the frenzied rhythm of life stress constantly accompanies the person. Work tasks, relationships with family and colleagues, solving everyday problems — all processes of life require dedication and involvement. The negative consequences of constant stress include the appearance of bad habits, rapid fatigue, depression, anxiety, apathy, cognitive impairment, and unesthetic appearance. [1]

You need to learn how to manage stress levels and get rid of its effects. For great emotional well-being, a person needs to be able to receive positive emotions. They will serve as a kind of psychological counterbalance to the anxieties and troubles on the life path. Walks in the fresh air, creative activities, communication with nature and animals have a positive effect on the spiritual health of the person. To relieve the effects of stress and strengthen the nervous system, make yourself go to the gym, practice yoga and meditation and breathing gymnastics.

6. The importance of rest

A healthy lifestyle does not mean forcing yourself to do sports in the morning. A lot of attention should be paid to rest. This is effective prevention of the negative effects of stress on the body. A rested person is full of strength and energy, which allows him to leap tall buildings in a single bound on the way to success.

Proper rest should benefit physical and emotional health. It’s not a weekend spent cooking in the kitchen or lying on the couch in front of the TV. It is important to organize your leisure time competently. Do sports or your favorite hobbies, read, and play with children. For many, a time devoted to self-development will be a useful and enjoyable rest.

Health and harmonious relationships in the family

In couples where the man and woman follow the rules of a healthy lifestyle, a level of psychological climate is usually favorable. They are healthy, active and self-confident, which means they are ready for any domestic difficulties. Partners have common life values and interesting joint leisure. When they become parents, they try to instill the correct habits of a healthy lifestyle from an early age.

Are there differences in views on healthy lifestyles between men and women?

Healthy lifestyle for women

Healthy lifestyle for women

Sociologists conducted studies to establish the value of a healthy lifestyle for the female audience. It has been concluded that 75% of all subjects defined personal health as a vital necessity. There is an opinion that this is a kind of unconscious mechanism of procreation. A woman directly connects her health with the health of her unborn child. [3]

Just as the beauty of a woman of any age is directly dependent on her lifestyle. It is extremely important to develop a habit of eating and exercising properly, giving up cigarettes and alcohol. It has been proven that the female body more “acutely” perceives the effects of unhealthy lifestyles than that of men’s. Women gain weight faster when they don’t eat properly. It is much more difficult for them to quit smoking or drinking alcohol. [4]

Healthy lifestyle for men

Men, unlike women, have a slightly different position concerning their health. For them, this is not a priority, but only one of the values on the way to more important and meaningful life goals.

It has been proven that men tended to see the causes of their poor health in external circumstances — low income, poor ecology, and inability to change living conditions. Such a life position is not always justified, because the healthy lifestyle begins primarily with personal changes. [3]

To conform to the qualities attributed by society to males (strength, performance, endurance, etc.), a healthy lifestyle should be kept at any age. It’s never late to start.

How to join the healthy lifestyle to maintain and enhance health?

The path to the healthy lifestyle is not one small concession, but a set of measures for self-improvement. It is not enough just to force yourself to do sports, it is necessary to revise the menu and adjust the sleep regime. Comprehensive measures are always needed for serious personal changes.

The desire to learn a healthy lifestyle begins with a person’s awareness of the fact that he/she is living wrong. For everyone, this happens in different ways: someone suddenly notices a too “impressive” figure on the scales; another has shortness of breath from prolonged smoking, and the third starts to feel “overwhelmed” because of the unformed daily routine.

Do you understand that “global” changes in your usual way of life are not an option for you? Start small – create a daily routine and start following it. Your schedule must include morning exercise and 4-6 balanced meals. Later, you can enroll in a gym for group fitness classes or personal training with a personal trainer. Start resting actively and find an interesting hobby. Develop, fill your life with positive emotions.

Unhealthy lifestyles are negative habits that keep a person in their power. Let the rejection of them be decisive. But in some cases, when non-compliance with a healthy lifestyle has already begun to adversely affect health and performance, an independent solution to the problem became problematic.

The 7Spsy behavior modification technique is effective in the fight against bad habits and the formation of useful high efficiency. This is a patented technique based on the theories of I.P. Pavlov, B.F. Skinner, A.A.Ukhtomsky, etc.

We will teach you how to maintain and strengthen your health

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The course will help you to change the pathological pattern of behavior that prevents a healthy lifestyle —  lack of willpower and low self-esteem, inability to withstand stress, the habit of “emotional eating”. Training sessions will allow you to replace negative attitudes with positive ones and develop good habits. You will realize how many advantages the healthy lifestyle gives and understand that getting yourself involved in sports every day and following the regimen is not as difficult as it seems at the very beginning of the journey.

The behavior modification course lasts up to 6 weeks (the duration depends on your condition and the severity of the problem). The psychologist will answer all your questions and support you in a remote mode convenient for you — by phone, e-mail, and online chats. Participation in the training is confidential, so you can not let any of your friends and relatives know that you are working with a psychologist.


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