Addictions. Love addiction

The course of learning new behavior:

Диагностическое тестирование
Diagnostic testing
Персональная программа тренинга
Personal training program
Набор инструментов для прохождения тренинга
A set of tools for training
Личный психолог
Personal psychologist

Love addiction. How to get rid of love addiction?

Behavioural analysis of the psychology of love distinguishes two forms of love addiction:

  1. A behavioural disorder during which people experience fear of losing a loved one, stress and despair. Being in this state, they begin to control, persecute, and be jealous of their loved ones. They experience many negative emotions and make their loved ones suffer.
  2. A behavioural disorder when love passes, but the habit exists. These relationships are also characterized by a large number of negative emotions that bring many painful experiences to a person.

How to get rid of love addiction? How to get out of a toxic relationship? Clients come to our centre with this requests regularly.

Since love addiction is very toxic and belongs to addictive forms of behaviour, you need to immediately get rid of it using the help of a behavioural specialist.

Unrequited love. How do I survive one-side love?

Unrequited love is a situation between two people, one of whom is in love, and the other is not. It is an addictive form of behaviour, as it can last for years; it causes a person torment and deprives him/her the opportunity to have a family. It has nothing to do with mutual love, which is a feeling that is sublime and inspires a person. This can be called a disease.

In literature, unrequited love is described as one-sided love.

Unrequited love for a girl and a girl’s unrequited love for a boy have the same psychology.

In cases of unrequited love, one must act decisively and immediately. Do not let yourself suffer. Long-lasting stress negatively affects your appearance and health. You need the help of a behavioural specialist.

Addiction. Getting rid of addiction.

Addictions are treated in medical clinics. However, the efficiency of the medicinal treatment of addiction is very low, since the causes of addiction are psychological. It is impossible to treat an addiction without solving psychological problems first. Addiction coding or medication give a short-term result and, as a rule, the addiction becomes chronic. Behavioural psychology treats addiction as a behaviour disorder and its methods are aimed precisely at eliminating the psychological causes of addiction. Hence, the efficiency of behavioural training methods of liberation from addiction is approaching 90%.

Psychological help. Online training.

You can get rid of love addiction and the state of unrequited love in our psychological centre. The coaching is held online, so you can join from anywhere in the world. You just need a smartphone or computer and internet access. You do not need to waste time going out, you just need to connect to the website and take the coaching under the guidance of our specialist from your home, laying on your favourite couch.

Take the love addiction test

1. Do you know what love addiction is?
2. Are you suffering from love addiction?
3. Do you realize that many of your desires for a partner are wrong?
4. Do you find it difficult to control yourself?
5. Do you want to get rid of addiction?
6. Are you jealous of your partner?
7. Are you in control of his/her behaviour?
8. Are you afraid that he/she will leave you?
9. Do you often quarrel?
10. Do you love your partner?
Total number of points: 0

from 1 tо 12 points. Your behaviour is admirable. You have a good relationship with your partner.

from 13 tо 20 points. You should seriously consider changing the quality of the relationship. If you feel that personal effort is not enough for you, you need to use the services of a behaviour change specialist.

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