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Why is it important to be happy

In car ads , you often hear about happiness . But can a car company sell happiness? No. Due to problems with repairs, maintenance costs of the car, the fear of its theft, the euphoria of owning a car passes quickly. And this applies to all cases of property acquisition. Joy appears, but it is short-lived. Who then can really teach you to be happy? Let's first answer the question: "What is happiness?». That's right, happiness is a positive emotion. And who is taught to manage emotions? That's right, psychologists. Speaking in the language of physiology and behavioral psychology, happiness is a dopamine-serotonin reaction of the body in response to a positive stimulus. What is dopamine? Dopamine is a behavior hormone . And who knows how to control human behavior through the management of a dopamine reaction?That's right, behavioral psychologists. These are exactly the specialists who "make people happy" because they have been taught to manage behavior and help a person to get out of toxic psychological situations painlessly. They were taught to make people happy again. And do behavioral psychologists differ from psychologists who consult on other theoretical principles?  Differ. Behavioral psychology emerged as an alternative to psychology based on the principles of introspection. It is different both theoretically and practically. If you are looking for real practitioners who are able to solve issues of personal happiness and social well-being, then you have come to such a service. You are on the website of behavioral psychology and psychotherapy.

Psychologist Pavel Pavlovich Khoroshutin