Addictions. Sexoholism

Nymphomania. Sexoholism. Sexual addiction. Sexoholic. Fornication. Hypersexuality as an addiction.

Hypersexuality is a manic attitude towards sex, when a frequent change of partners becomes the meaning of the relationship. Hypersexuality refers to dependent forms of behaviour and brings suffering to a person associated with an increased risk of sexually transmitted and other diseases, a tendency to alcohol abuse and drug addiction, and antisocial behaviour directed against the norms of family morality.

Nymphomania. Addiction. Addiction treatment

Addictions are treated in medical clinics. However, the efficiency of the medicinal treatment is very low, since the causes of nymphomania are psychological. It is impossible to treat addiction abuse without solving psychological problems. Addiction coding or addiction tablets give a short-term result and, as a rule, the addiction becomes chronic. Behavioural psychology treats nymphomania and hypersexuality as a behaviour disorder and its methods are aimed precisely at eliminating the behavioural causes of this disorder. Therefore, the efficiency of behavioural training methods for getting rid of sexoholism approaches 90%.

Psychological help. Online training.

You can get rid of nymphomania in our psychological centre. The training takes place online, anonymously. No matter where you are in the world, you can receive coaching. All you need is a smartphone or computer and internet access. You do not need to waste time on trips, you just connect to the website and take the coaching at home, sitting in your favourite chair or laying on your favourite couch.

Take the nymphomania test.

1. Do you know what nymphomania is?
2. Are you experiencing a lack of sex while in a relationship with one partner?
3. Do you realize that some meetings for sex are meaningless?
4. Are you afraid of contracting HIV?
5. Do you want to cure hypersexuality?
6. Do you have more than one sexual partner?
7. Do you have sex every day?
8. Do you not consider it necessary to meet with a new sexual partner more than 2 times?
9. Are you constantly looking for new sexual partners?
10. Can you give up nymphomania on your own?
Total number of points: 0

from 1 to 12 points. Your behaviour is admirable. You have the right attitude to nymphomania.

from 13 to 20 points. You should seriously consider changing your relation to nymphomania, and perhaps seek the services of a behaviour change specialist if you feel that personal effort is not enough for you.

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