Addictions. Shopping addiction

Shopping. Shopping addict. Shopping addiction.

Shopping is the behaviour associated with visiting shopping malls or centres. Advertising shopping as entertainment has led to the emergence of a new behavioural disorder called shopping addiction.

Shopping addiction is a manic interest in visiting shopping malls/centres and making unnecessary purchases at the same time. When the Internet came into our lives, online shopping addiction with the same deplorable consequences emerged. Shopping addiction is one of the dependent diseases. This is madness expressed in a thoughtless, unjustified waste of money on things that are not necessary. Currently, up to 70% of women and up to 30% of men are afflicted with shopping addiction in one way or another.

A shopping addict is a person obsessed with shopping. An army of shopping addicts can overwhelm shopping malls/centres. They torture themselves with hard work to give them money for things they do not need, succumbing to another advertisement. This behavioural disorder is called addiction and requires the help of a behaviour specialist to get rid of it.

How to save money? How to get rid of shopping addiction?

Addictions are usually treated in medical clinics. However, the efficiency of the medicinal treatment of shopping addiction is very low, since the causes of shopping addiction are psychological. It is impossible to treat addiction abuse without solving psychological problems. Addiction coding and addiction medication can give a short-term result and, as a rule, the addiction becomes chronic. Behavioural psychology treats shopping addiction as a behaviour disorder and its methods are aimed precisely at eliminating the psychological causes of alcohol abuse. Hence, the efficiency of behavioural training methods for getting rid of shopping addiction is approaching 90%.

Psychological help. Online training.

How can I treat my shopping addiction? How to cope with a shopping addiction? How to overcome shopping addiction?

How to save money? How to earn money? Money saved is money earned. Therefore, a lot of money earned on saving money will be the reward for getting rid of a shopping addiction.

You can get rid of your shopping addiction with our psychological centre. The coaching is held remotely, online. All you need is a smartphone or computer and internet access. You do not need to waste time on trips, you just need to connect to the training site and take the coaching at home, sitting in your favourite chair or lying on your favourite couch.

Take the shopping addiction test

1. Do you know what shopping addiction is?
2. Are you tormented if you cannot do shopping?
3. Do you realize that some shopping is meaningless?
4. Do you feel sorry for the money spent after shopping?
5. Do you want to get rid of your shopping addiction?
6. Do you visit shopping malls/centres more than 3 times a week?
7. Do you want to save money?
8. Do you spend more than one hour in the shopping mall?
9. Do you have a lot of fun shopping?
10. Can you give up shopping on your own?
Total number of points: 0

from 1 to 12 points. Your behaviour is admirable. You have the right attitude to shopping.

from 13 to 20 points. You should seriously consider changing your relationship with shopping addiction, and perhaps seek the services of a behaviour change specialist if you feel that personal effort is not enough for you.

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