Solving the problems of
post-traumatic disorder after adultery

Solving the problems of post-traumatic disorder after adultery

Adultery.  As psychological statistics show infidelity can cause emotional distress and often lead to post-traumatic syndrome. Can a wife cheat on her husband? Can a husband cheat on his wife?  Family relationships are at issue in this situation. In any case, a spouse’s infidelity causes stress, which negatively affects human health. Even tacit consent to the spouse’s infidelity is in fact experienced extremely negatively. After adultery, the relationship escalates. Psychology can only speak negatively about adultery. Adultery is often the cause of divorce of married couples. At the same time, the wife’s adultery is mentioned more often than the husband’s. A wife cheating on her husband is the most common argument in divorces in the registry office statistics.

Symptoms of post-traumatic disorder in adultery

The following types of emotional and behavioural disorders are found as symptoms of a post-traumatic state after adultery: resentment, jealousy, stress, aggressive attitude towards a spouse, desire to punish, desire to harm, aggressive attitude towards common children, negative attitude towards the opposite sex, fear of new relationships, apathy, depression, alcoholism, hysterical disorders, propensity for debauchery as a manifestation of revenge, etc. All these types of behaviour eventually negatively affect the psychological and physical health and social relationships of a person. When young unmarried people who are in a romantic relationship cheat on each other it also leads to post-traumatic disorders. Their infidelity can cause severe emotional distress. This is often the main reason for the breakup of lovers’ relationships.

How can one get through the partner’s adultery? How can one get out of this state of distress?

Our psychological online centre provides help using behavioural training methods. Coaching lasts for 2-6 weeks online and is held in the mornings and evenings for 10-20 minutes.

Take a test to check the severity of trauma after the partner’s adultery

1. Did you manage to get over infidelity?
2. Did you experience shock after being cheated on?
3. Was the shock continuous?
4. Did your behaviour change after being cheated?
5. Are you tormented by memories of infidelity?
6. Did you cry when you found out about your partner’s infidelity?
7. Do you hate your spouse for this?
8. Do your memories of being cheated on cause depression?
9. Are you trying to end the relationship?
10. Can you forgive infidelity?
Total number of points: 0

From 10 – 12 points. We can congratulate you, you have a high level of stress tolerance. This will come in handy more than once in life, both in work and in building personal relationships.

From 13 – 20 points. The test revealed a low level of stress resistance. We offer to take our behavioural courses and learn how to resist traumatic disorders.

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