Attention Development. Attention Focusing.

Attention. Attention Development. Attention Test.

Attention is a conditioned ability of the one’s self to accept information from its surroundings and manage it depending on its significance and safety. Attention means that more dangerous and/or more attractive stimuli cause higher concentration levels. A person’s attention is very important for successful socialization, and it is necessary to improve attention regularly. Like any behavioural function of the one’s self, attention is developed well using a method of learning under the supervision of a behavioural specialist.

Attention Focusing. Attention Focusing Development. Attention Focusing Test. Attention Focusing Exercise.

Attention concentration is the ability to focus attention on one object. It is characterised by focusing on depth and length. High attention concentration allows for getting more information; that is why this function is important when training a person.

Problems with attention focusing cause problems with adaptation and require solving problems under the supervision of behavioural specialists using special methods of learning. There are special exercises increasing attention focus.

Difficulty Concentrating. Medications for Attention.

In medicine, problems with attention focusing are considered mental disorders and require treatment in medical clinics. However, because focusing on problem causes are behavioural, medicinal treatment is not very efficient. Tablets for attention focusing, medications for attention focusing, vitamins for attention focusing, and medicinal drugs for attention focusing have a temporary effect often transferring the disease to a chronic form.

Attention Training. Improving Attention Focusing. Online School.

Attention is trained and attention concentration is improved in our centre in a remote mode, online, so those who live in remote regions and other countries can get the training too. You don’t need to waste time travelling, it is sufficient to connect to the website on the internet. If you have a smartphone or a computer and access to the internet, you can have the coaching at home, lying on your favourite sofa. The period of coaching is 2 to 6 weeks. The sessions are held daily for 10-20 minutes.

Test your attention focusing

1. Do you want to meditate, but you have difficulty concentrating?
2. Can you easily manage your attention?
3. Can you focus your attention easily, without getting tired, on something important to you?
4. Do you work with information and get tired quickly?
5. Do you often feel apathy?
6. Do your family members say you have a bad memory?
7. Does intellectual work frighten you?
8. Has your attention become distracted?
9. Is it difficult for you to concentrate?
10. Do you have problems with your memory?
Total number of points: 0

from 10 to 12 points. Your attention focusing is good. Due to it, you can achieve good results in your life, you just need to maintain it at a good level.

from 13 to 20 points. You probably have difficulties concentrating. The good news is that it can be improved. With correct motivating training, your attention focus will significantly improve in 2 to 6 weeks. We know how to help you.

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