Conflicts in the family and at work.
Solutions for post-traumatic stress disorder.

The course of learning new behavior:

Диагностическое тестирование
Diagnostic testing
Персональная программа тренинга
Personal training program
Набор инструментов для прохождения тренинга
A set of tools for training
Личный психолог
Personal psychologist

Conflicts in the family and at work. Solutions for post-traumatic stress disorder. Quarrel. Quarrel in the family. What should I do if I argue?

Every day, clients come to our centre with the following problems: I argue with my husband, I quarrel with my girlfriend, I have arguments with my wife, I fall out often with my mother, I quarrelled with my boss. Why did two people sometimes go at odds with each other? Protecting your comfort zone in the family and at work with the help of conflict is a very common type of behaviour. At the same time, conflicts are usually accompanied by very strong stress and many people know this from their own experience. Most people also know that the stress that accompanies conflicts has a devastating effect on appearance and health. For good family relationships, spouses need to learn how to negotiate personal interests without arguing.

Dispute. Quarrel in the family. The parents had a fight. What should I do if I quarrel?

There are a lot of requests from our clients for advice on the following topics: I fought with my husband, I had a fight with a guy, I fought with a girl. Arguing in a raised voice, being in a state of anger, and using insults, all of it is called verbal abuse. This is a very stupid and very harmful habit to defend your interests in this way. It can be extremely problematic for all those involved. We cannot prove anything to anyone by verbally abusing them. By being verbally abusive, you can only cause another person to be afraid of or angry at yourself. But the person who is abusing is completely unaware of this. If you want to explain something to another person about your emotions and desires, it must be done peacefully.

After stress.

 If the conflict is continuous, or if it caused a strong emotional outburst, it may lead to a post-traumatic disorder, negatively affecting the behaviour or even the physical health of a person.

Stress relief. Stress pills.

There are no stress pills. A post-traumatic condition associated with a strong conflict requires professional psychological help. Our centre helps to get rid of post-traumatic disorder in 2-6 weeks using behavioural training methods. Training is held online, remotely, on the training platform of our centre.

Psychological help. Online training.

Being prone to verbal abuse and quarrelling is a learned type of behaviour and in its extreme form makes it necessary for a person to seek urgent help from a behaviour change specialist. Such people are called toxic people and they experience problems in relationships both in the family and at work. To prevent quarrels, it is important to take a peace-loving training course. As a result, one’s behaviour will change from a tendency to conflicts to the ability to avoid them comfortably. Our centre provides behavioural coaching that lasts 2-6 weeks. Training is held online, on the training platform of our centre.

Take a stress tolerance test in case of conflicts

1. Do you like to quarrel?
2. Did you experience shock arguing?
3. Do you quarrel more than once a week in your family and at work?
4. Do you like to argue?
5. Can you stop yourself once you started quarrelling?
6. Do you cry after a quarrel?
7. Do you happen to be an instigator of quarrels?
8. Do you go into conflict when you are provoked?
9. Do you intend to achieve some goals through conflict?
10. Have you ever quit your job because of quarrels?
Total number of points: 0

From 10 – 12 points. We can congratulate you, you have a high level of stress tolerance and peacefulness. This will come in handy more than once in life, both in the field of work and in building personal relationships.

From 13 – 20 points. The test showed a high level of conflict propensity. Aggressiveness has become your bad habit. We offer to take peace-loving training in our behavioural centre.

Start working on your behaviour today.
Consultation of a psychologist online by phone or whatsapp, zoom
Discussing your problems with a psychologist. Selection of an individual course of psychocorrection.
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Our advantages

Строгая конфиденциальность
An effective method of learning
The method was patented in the USA, the EU and the Russian Federation in 2021-2022
Удобный онлайн-формат
Convenient online format
You take a distance learning course at home at any time
Бесплатные консультации
Free consultations
During the course of behavior change, you are accompanied by a psychologist
Быстрый результат
Quick result
The duration of the course is from 10 to 42 days, depending on the condition