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Gambling Addiction. Treatment of Gambling.

Gambling addiction refers to a psychological disease called ludomania. A gambler is a person obsessed with gaming for money. Today Internet games and websites have created an army of players suffering from addiction to computer games with huge catastrophic consequences of social behavioural and health problems. Social phobia, loneliness, a tendency towards alcoholism and breaking the law are the main problems of such behaviour. How can you treat gambling addiction? Today, we can cure it.

Gambling Addiction. How to Treat Problem Gambling?

The treatment of game addiction is carried out in medical clinics. However, medication-assisted treatment of game addiction shows very low efficiency, since the causes of gaming are psychological. It’s impossible to cure video game addiction without solving psychological problems first. Gaming disorder coding and gaming disorder pills give a short-term result and, as a rule, the gaming addiction becomes chronic. Behavioural psychology considers gaming addiction a behavioural disorder, and its methods are aimed precisely at eliminating the psychological causes of the disorder. Therefore, the effectiveness of behavioural training techniques for the treatment of gaming addiction is close to 90%.

Easy Way to Stop Gambling.

If gambling drags you into a pit of debt, and all attempts to independently “quit” gambling don’t give any results, it’s time to look for ways to wean yourself off this mental dependence.

It’s a bad idea to use folk remedies and recommendations on how to treat gambling, it is better to work with the root cause of this problem — the habit of relieving stress and having fun only with the help of gambling.

Specialists of the Centre of Scientific Psychology “Ideal Technologies” have developed an online behaviour modification course using “7Spsy technology” — this is how to how to help a gambler becomes free of his/her gambling addiction.

In just 2-6 weeks, you will lose your interest in gambling and learn how to overcome gambling, which means you will be able to enjoy your psychological and financial well-being.

An online 7Spsy technology course allows you to change your stereotype of behaviour, which means finding a way out of gambling.

This is an effective way to treat the disease of gambling for money. We offer you two important benefits:

  1. The training program is made individually and allows you to work with your deep convictions. Self-restraint is unlikely to lead to such results.
  2. You can undergo training at any convenient time at home. We guarantee a result if you implement all the recommendations on how to recover from gambling addiction.

Take the test to assess your addiction level

1. Do you often gamble for money?
2. Do you enjoy gambling?
3. Do you have any other hobbies besides gambling?
4. Do you consider gambling to be a disease?
5. Do you want to give up your gambling addiction?
6. Can you manage without gambling?
7. You want to give up gambling, but you can’t?
8. Have you tried to solve this problem with a doctor?
9. Are you making an effort to give up gambling?
10. Can you give up gambling on your own?
Total number of points: 0

from 1 tо 12 points. Your state is admirable. You have a well-balanced gaming behaviour.

from 13 tо 20 points. You should seriously consider changing your attitude to gambling and, probably, using the services of a specialist to change your behaviour if you think if your efforts are not sufficient.

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