Eating Behaviour

The course of learning new behavior:

Диагностическое тестирование
Diagnostic testing
Персональная программа тренинга
Personal training program
Набор инструментов для прохождения тренинга
A set of tools for training
Личный психолог
Personal psychologist

Weight Loss. Diet for Weight Loss. Menu for Weight Loss.

“I lose weight” – the slogan of a new generation. If losing weight is your goal, it means you may have problems with eating behaviour. This lies in the fact that the amount of food eaten is greater than the needs of your body, and this is manifested in excess weight and obesity. The easiest way to solve this problem is to follow a diet for weight loss and be able to choose a menu for weight loss. However, this simple solution is rarely implemented. Every day, clients come to our centre with requests: How can I lose weight? What can I eat to lose weight?  The answer to these questions is simple: you need to bring your eating behaviour back to normal. And of course, it is necessary to create a menu for weight loss, you also need to follow a diet, however, you should break off the habits that resulted in excess weight. Otherwise, you will not be able to follow a diet consistently and excess weight will appear again.

Obesity. Overeating. Overweight. Medication-Assisted Treatment.

Treatment of obesity is usually carried out in medical clinics. Compulsive overeating is an addiction and is included in ICD-10 as a disease. However, medication-assisted treatment of overeating shows very low efficiency, since the causes of overeating are psychological. You can’t combat overeating if you have psychological problems. Fat burners, obesity coding, and obesity pills give a short-term result and, as a rule, the addiction becomes chronic. Behavioural psychology refers to overeating, overweight and obesity as an eating disorder and its methods are aimed precisely at eliminating the psychological causes of the disorder. Therefore, the effectiveness of our behavioural training techniques for weight loss is close to 90%.

Psychological Help for Obesity. Online Learning. You can reset your eating behaviour to normal levels using our psychological centre. The weight-loss behaviour is coached online, so regardless of where you are, you can get the coaching too. All you need is a smartphone or a computer and internet access. There is no need to waste time on trips out, just get connected to the website and have the coaching session at home, sitting in your favourite armchair or lying on your favourite sofa.

Take the test to assess your eating disorder level

1. Are you overweight more than 5 kg?
2. Are you overweight for more than one year?
3. Do you often feel the desire to eat a lot of delicious food?
4. Can you stop the urge to eat late at night?
5. Do you overeat?
6. Do you have enough willpower to restrain yourself during an attack of gluttony?
7. Do you feel guilty when you eat a lot?
8. Do you talk to others about the problem of overeating?
9. Do you make an effort to lose weight?
10. Can you regularly follow a diet?
Total number of points: 0

From 1 to 12 points. Your behaviour is admirable. You have well-balanced eating habits.

From 13 to 20 points. You should seriously consider changing your attitude toward excess weight and, probably, using the services of a specialist to change your behaviour if you think that your efforts are not enough.

Start working on your behaviour today
Consultation of a psychologist online by phone or whatsapp, zoom
Discussing your problems with a psychologist. Selection of an individual course of psychocorrection.
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What awaits you at the consultation?

In 60 minutes of conversation with leading psychologists
Sessions are conducted by phone whatsapp or zoom
- Tell us about your problem
- Clarify the request and outline a psychotherapy plan
- Get support and better understand your situation
- Find answers to your questions
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Our advantages

Строгая конфиденциальность
An effective method of learning
The method was patented in the USA, the EU and the Russian Federation in 2021-2022
Удобный онлайн-формат
Convenient online format
You take a distance learning course at home at any time
Бесплатные консультации
Free consultations
During the course of behavior change, you are accompanied by a psychologist
Быстрый результат
Quick result
The duration of the course is from 10 to 42 days, depending on the condition