Emotional disorders. Resentment

Resentment. Psychological help for emotional disorders.

Resentment. The pain of resentment. How can I forgive an offence?  

A feeling of resentment is an adequate reaction of a person to someone’s behaviour that supposedly or does threaten the person’s safety. However, the painful feeling of resentment is always different. In some cases, resentment turns into a source of persistent pain threatening a person’s social relationships. In psychology, such cases are called neurotic feelings of resentment. To get over the feeling of resentment, a behavioural specialist’s help is required.

Why is the feeling of resentment sometimes inadequate?

A continuous feeling of resentment can become a learned behaviour that negatively affects a person’s social relationships. This behaviour is irrational and refers to a bad habit. At the consultation, clients experiencing the pain of resentment often ask questions:  Why do I feel resentment? How can I forgive an offence? How can I forget an offence? How do you deal with resentment? How can I let resentment go?

You can get over the pain of resentment with the help of behavioural techniques under the guidance of a behavioural specialist from our centre.

I resent you.

I resent you – can become a learned reaction to all events around you.

This will make your life bleak and seriously affect your health. If you feel are in this condition, it is necessary to get over the feeling of resentment, possibly with the help of specialists.

Psychological help. Online training.

Our centre’s course to overcome the feelings of resentment takes place online and anonymously.  All you need is a smartphone or computer and Internet access. No need to waste time on trips, you just need to connect to the training site and take the training at home, sitting in your favourite chair or lying on your favourite couch. After completing the course, you will achieve a high level of control over your emotional behaviour.

Take the resentment test.

1. Do you often feel resentment?
2. Does resentment hurt you?
3. Does your spirit fade when experiencing feelings of resentment?
4. Are you trying to get rid of feelings of resentment?
5. Do you manage to temporarily forget about the feeling of resentment, but it comes back?
6. Are you looking for a psychologist?
7. Are you ready to take the time to relieve the pain of resentment?
8. Are you unbalanced when feeling the pain of resentment?
9. Are you worried about your condition?
10. Are you ready to get rid of feelings of resentment with the help of a specialist?
Total number of points: 0

from 1 tо 12 points. Congratulations, you have a high level of emotion management. This will come in handy more than once in life, in work, and in building personal relationships.

from 13 tо 20 points. The test showed a low level of emotional control. We offer you to take part in our emotion management courses.

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