Envy. Benevolence training

The sin of envy

In Christianity, envy or jealousy is one of the seven deadly sins. Envy is the feeling you get when you wish you had something belonging to someone else, as well as the feeling of irritation and annoyance that someone may be luckier or more prosperous than you. Envy is a very toxic feeling that can make an individual’s life completely joyless and tends to become stronger if you do not fight it. It is the victory of the corporeal over the spiritual. The manifestation of envy is the evidence of spiritual impotence resulting in one lacking a spiritual and virtuous attitude to the people around.

Benevolence. Prudence training

A person who knows how to control his/her desires is prudent. It is thus prudent for the spiritual growth and health of the believer to replace envy with benevolence. You can learn benevolence with training courses from our psychological centre. Looking at the world without envy is a very important skill for a spiritual person.

Why is behavioral psychology better than others?

Behavioural psychology appeared as an alternative to the well-known psychological modalities. There are many psychological modalities founded on the principles of introspection (personality theory, psychoanalysis, etc.). Unfortunately, introspection does not meet the criteria of the scientific method. In contrast, behavioural psychology arose based on practical scientific behavioural discoveries, so its effectiveness is more acute. This is the only psychological modality in which the specialist is obliged to guarantee the result.

Online school. Online learning

The faith coaching is held remotely, online, so no matter where you live, you can also access it. You just need a smartphone or computer and internet access. You will not have to travel to the centre, just connect to the website and undergo training at home in your favorite chair or sofa.

Test your attitude towards envy

1. Are you aware that envy is a mortal sin?
2. Did you know that envy is the victory of the corporeal over the spiritual?
3. Do you have an aversion to envious people?
4. Could you call yourself a benevolent person?
5. Do you know what sin is?
6. Do you have enough willpower to control your envy?
7. Do you feel guilty if you are jealous of others?
8. Are you embarrassed to tell your confessor about your sins?
9. Do you fast?
10. Do you feel that you are a moral person?
Total number of points: 0

from 1 tо 12 points. Your moral behaviour is admirable. You are a good example for other religious people.

from 12 tо 20 points. You should seriously think about changing your attitude towards envy and maybe getting professional assistance to change your moral behaviour if you feel that you lack personal motivation.

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