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The appeal of psychologist Pavel Pavlovich Khoroshutin

The word "psychology" when translated from ancient Greek means "science of the soul." As a scientific direction, it declared itself in the 19th century and developed at the intersection of religion, theology and philosophy. The existence of psychology for two centuries has led to the development of many psychological theories and practices. After John B Watson's 'Behaviorist Manifesto' was published in 1913, various mental and spiritual processes were investigated based on their correlation to physical behaviour. In the 21st century, behavioural psychology has become very practical. Types of behaviour called sins are well studied and methods have been developed to change them. From the point of view of behaviour analysis, sin is a bad habit. It is a once learned form of behaviour that can be changed by learning the opposite behaviour. For example, anger (which is considered the behaviour of sin in all religions) in behavioural psychology refers to emotional disorders and there are lots of methods for teaching a person to control anger. The effectiveness of these methods is close to 90%. Behavioural psychology in the 21st century has become no less effective than medicine, and human psychological problems can be effectively solved using methods of behaviour change in a short time. If you lead a spiritual life and you have ‘sinful’ habits, then it’s really not that difficult to get rid of them. You can do this with our online centre by learning righteous behaviour. Then you can teach righteous behaviour to your children. Coaching is conducted remotely. Our services can be used by anyone, wherever they are, as long as they have a smartphone or computer and internet access. Now, these problems can be solved without even leaving your home. Sitting in your favourite chair or lying on your favourite couch. Take advantage of free time with spiritual cleansing. Learn to live without sin.

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