Learning the art of loving and being loved.

Love. How to keep love?

Love is the euphoric desire to possess an object of desire. It is felt as joy, inspiration, desire for the object with the most positive attitude towards it.

Love for a psrtner, love for children, love for a profession, and love for art are all based on the same behaviour called love.

Behavioural psychology has identified 12 behavioural patterns that must be observed in a state of love. This allows you to keep the feeling of love as long as possible. To be able to use the patterns in your behavioural repertoire, you need to take coaching. Learn the art of loving and being loved in our self-development courses.

Learning the art of loving and being loved.

Methods of behavioural psychology allow learning patterns of the target behaviour in 2-6 weeks, doing only 10-20 minutes daily.

Online training. Online school.

Training in our centre is held online. Residents of the most remote regions and abroad can receive training under the guidance of highly qualified specialists. If you have a smartphone or computer and Internet access, you can study at home, laying on your favourite couch, at a convenient time for you. Training duration is 2-6 weeks.

Take the test for the ability to love

1. Do you know what love is?
2. Do you know how to behave if you have this feeling?
3. Do you know what jealousy is?
4. Do you know the emotions that destroy love?
5. Are you good at controlling emotions?
6. Do you know what to do to arouse sympathy?
7. Do you know how to love?
8. Do you know how to keep love?
9. Do you like to give gifts?
10. Do you dream of love?
Total number of points: 0

from 10 to 12 points. Congratulations, you know everything about love. This will come in handy more than once in life, in work, and in building personal relationships.

from 13 to 20 points. The test has shown that your level of knowledge about love is low. We invite you to take part in our behavioural skills courses.

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