Medication Dependence

How can one get rid of dependence? Medication Dependence. Tablet Addiction.

Dependence is a harmful habit when accidentally learned behaviour becomes dominant and desired. Even though the addict understands that such behaviour is dangerous, his/her willpower is not enough to refuse it. The habit of taking tablets during some discomfort is a very dangerous dependence. As a rule, the medications have strong side effects, and their uncontrolled use may severely damage one’s health.

Even excessive use of vitamins can lead to a dangerous disease – hypervitaminosis. Still, many people have serious phobic dependencies on medications. This behavioural dependence is based on the elimination of fear with the help of tablets, and it is better to remove this dependence with the help of a behavioural specialist. Anxiety is a normal emotional state of that is experienced by us, and which also passes. There is no reason to take medication when you feel anxious. Remember that here, any medication is the enemy, so if you can’t refrain from the uncontrolled use of medicines, you can get help from us. As a result, you will be able to stop spending a lot of money in pharmacies and will reduce drug intoxication. Behaviour psychology considers drug dependence to be a behaviour disorder, and its techniques are aimed at eliminating psychological causes of dependence. The efficiency of behaviour training techniques used for liberating people from dependencies is close to 90%.

Medication Dependence. Psychological Help. Online Training. It is very easy to get rid of tablet dependence in our psychological centre. We coach people online to have a negative attitude to uncontrolled drug use, so no matter where you live, you get coaching too. All with just a smartphone or a computer and internet access. There is no need to waste time travelling, just get connected to the training website and have the coaching session at home, sitting in your favourite arm-chair or laying on your favourite sofa

Take a test to determine your level of medication addiction

1. Have you taken some medication regularly for many years already?
2. Do you take medication without a doctor’s prescription?
3. Do you regularly go to a pharmacy to buy some medications?
4. Do you know that medication dependence exists?
5. Do you know that medication dependence is dangerous for your health?
6. Did it happen that you tried to stop taking medication, but didn’t succeed?
7. Does your doctor tell you that he does not find you ill, even though you think you are?
8. Did you discuss the medication dependence problem with your doctor?
9. Do you take any effort to reduce the frequency of taking medication in the absence of a illness?
10. Are you always worried about your health and do you take tablets?
Total number of points: 0

From 1 to 12 points. Your behaviour as refers to medications is reasonable. You can refuse from being medication dependent even if it appears.

From 13 to 20 points. You should seriously consider changing your attitude toward the dependence and, probably, use the services of a specialist to change your behaviour, if you feel your efforts are not sufficient.

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