Seamless withdrawal of
gambling addiction

in 2-6 weeks

Behavior Change Program
based on 7Spsy Technology

Gambling is a learned behavior

The problem will not solve itself. Addiction creates a vicious circle in your life:

Essential things are depreciated
With no opportunity to make a bet and gain a big win, everything loses its meaning. At any time of the day you are thinking over strategies and amounts to stake.
Loss of self-control
Hitting the jackpot is the main goal of your life. For this reason, you spend many long hours at your computer or online casinos. You are in danger of losing your job or place at college.
Family relations are falling apart
Communication with your loved ones turns into a series of confrontation and quarrels. Literally everyone is against you. You don’t even want to engage in family matters.
A debt trap
You borrow or even steal money to make another bet or buy more tokens. You are convinced the big win is very close. Debts drive you into a desperately tight corner.

Do you want to change your life for the better?

Our remote behavior change program based on 7Spsy technology will help break the condition:

You will definitively lose your interest in gambling
You will be able to save valuable resources such as time and money
You will start to live a fuller life with unlimited potential

7Spsy technology is an updated type of coercion-free classical conditioning developed by Ivan Pavlov, Nobel Laureate

This model is focused on clients’ and psychologists’ convenience. The use of innovation ensures the model is best adapted to online psychology

7Spsy technology deals with behavior

The method is focused on the convenience of the client and the psychologist. Maximally adapted to online interaction.
New conditioned stimuli are established during training sessions based on the technology.
Through the use of the technology you will learn new behaviors automatically and seamlessly in as little as 2 to 6 weeks.
The duration of the program depends upon the problem the client presents with, their psychological make-up and current condition.

The behavior change package contains:

Diagnostic Tests
Individual Training Program
Item Kit for Training
Details of your Personal Psychologist

There are 7 easy steps to solve your problem:

Sign an Agreement
Sign an agreement and pay for the 7Spsy behavior change package
Take a Test
Take a diagnostic test using your personal account and receive contact details of the psychologist whom you will be working
Get an Item Kit
Pick up a parcel at your post office with an item kit which enables you to perform a full-sensory behavior correction
Have the Items Ready to be Used for Training
Take stock of the items and read the detailed instructions
Contact Your Psychologist
Inform your personal psychologist that you are ready to start training and take an online consultation
Start Training
Perform the tasks twice a day for 20 minutes, observing all the instructions
Capture Your Results
Recognize the changes, get used to a new pattern of behavior and enjoy living your life free from obsession

Benefits of using

7Spsy Behavior Change Package

High Confidentiality
We will never disclose or share customer information with third parties
User-Friendly Online Environment
You will be practicing a remote training program at home at a time convenient for you
Free Consultations
You will be supported by a psychologist throughout the entirety of your behavior change program
Quick Results
Program duration ranges between 10 and 42 days depending upon individual conditions