Post-traumatic disorder.
Sexual abuse

Sexual abuse. Sexually abused.  What to do?

Sexual abuse is experienced as the deepest stress and usually ends with post-traumatic syndrome. Sexual abuse can encourage painful memories, phobic states, irrational thinking, and inappropriate behaviour. These conditions can last for decades.

At the consultation, clients often ask the question: I was sexually abused, what do I do? How do I survive sexual abuse?

To get out of this situation, you need the help of a behavioural psychologist, a specialist in post-traumatic disorders.

I was sexually abused. How can I survive sexual abuse?

The post-traumatic state associated with sexual abuse is treated by undergoing psychological rehabilitation in online centres providing anonymous services.

Propensity to sexual abuse. How to avoid jail?

A person who has a pathological propensity to sexual abuse usually ends up in prison and social isolation. Society feels hatred and contempt for sexual abusers. If you often feel the desire to sexually abuse, it is necessary to immediately undergo coaching in a new type of non-violent behaviour in behavioural recentres that provide anonymous services.

Psychological help. Online training.

You can undergo rehabilitation as a victim of violence, as well as wean yourself from the propensity to violence with the help of behavioural specialists from our psychological centre. The training is held online, anonymously. You just need a smartphone or computer and internet access. There is no need to waste time on trips out, you just need to connect to the training site and take the training at home, sitting in your favourite chair or lying on your favourite sofa, under the guidance of our specialist.

Post-traumatic stress test after violence

1. Do you feel stressed at the sight of these people?
2. Do you hate these people?
3. Do you hate all people of the opposite sex?
4. Are you experiencing a deep sense of resentment?
5. Do painful memories come often?
6. Do you want to get rid of these memories?
7. Are you good at it?
8. Do you want to move to another city?
9. Will you calm down if rapists are punished according to the law?
10. Do you agree to undergo rehabilitation in our centre?
Total number of points: 0

From 1 to 12 points. Your behaviour deserves respect. You know how to control emotions yourself.

From 13 – 20 points. It is worth seriously thinking about changing behaviour. If you feel that you cannot apply enough personal efforts to get rid of unpleasant memories, you need to use the services of a behaviour change specialist.

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