Post-traumatic disorders. Stress

Solving the problems of post-traumatic disorders after stress.


Everyone knows that stress is often the cause of behavioural and emotional disorders, and subsequently becomes the cause of illnesses. What is stress? How can you relieve stress? How do I overcome stress? How to get rid of stress? How do I cope with stress? How do you ease stress? How does one recover from stress? These and other issues concern visitors to our website. Stress is a negative response of the central nervous system of a person to the stimulus of the external environment which poses a supposed or real threat to life. The reaction of an individual can be different. Different people react differently to the same stimulus.

After stress.

If the stress was continuous or caused a strong emotional outburst, it can lead to post-traumatic disorder, negatively affecting a person’s behaviour or even physical health.

Stress relief. Counselling for stress management. Stress pills.

There are no stress pills. A post-traumatic condition associated with severe stress requires professional psychological help. Specialists of our counselling centre help to relieve post-traumatic symptoms using behavioural training methods in 2-6 weeks. Classes are held online on the coaching platform of our centre.

Take a stress-resistance test

1. Did you manage to get over the stress?
2. Did you experience shock after stress?
3. Was the stress continuous?
4. Did your behaviour change after stress?
5. Are you tormented by memories of stress?
6. Did you cry after stress?
7. Do you hate the person who caused your stress?
8. Do memories of stress cause depression?
9. Are you trying to avoid the source of stress?
10. Have you ever had to quit your job because of stress?
Total number of points: 0

From 10 – 12 points. Congratulations, you have a high level of stress resistance. This will come in handy more than once in life, both in the field of work and in building personal relationships.

From 13 – 20 points. The test showed a low level of stress resistance. We offer to take stress resistance training with our personal development courses.

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