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Stress. To Overcome Anxiety. To Cope with Nervousness. To Recover Peace of Mind.

“Don’t worry” – is the slogan of every psychologist in the world. But, how can one cope with stress? This problem is universal. What is stress? How can you reduce stress? How can you relieve stress? How can you recuperate after stress? Visitors of our website ask all these questions. The answer is simple. You will learn to live through stress calmly. You have to train to be stress-tolerant. There are no tablets for stress. You can’t cure stress. Stress is the reaction of man’s central nervous system to a stimulus that is attempting to or is threatening his living abilities.

Ability to Cope with Stress. Stress Management. Stress Prevention.

Stress resistance is a combination of behavioural skills allowing the organism to tolerate stress without any emotional outbursts that are harmful to the organism and can lead to mental illnesses. Healthful skills of stress coping are called psychological resistance. They are formed in the process of organism development. Psychology distinguishes ten behavioural skills a person has to be taught to attain a high-stress tolerance level. We teach these skills in our courses on our online centre devoted to developing the ability to cope with stress.

Online Training

The new behaviour is coached online, so you will not have to travel anywhere, just get connected to the learning website. To prove the high quality of teaching, a test system for the assessment of students’ behavioural skills before and after the sessions has been developed. As a result, trust-based relations form between the teachers and the students.

Take the test to check your stress resistance level

1. Do you tolerate stress calmly?
2. Do you avoid conflict situations?
3. Do you calmly accept events that cannot be changed?
4. Can you set goals and achieve them?
5. When finding yourself in a stressful situation, can you take decisive actions?
6. Failure doesn’t upset you, right?
7. Are you self-confident?
8. In the event of failure, you don’t lose hope, do you?
9. Are you confident about your future?
10. Do you live a healthy lifestyle?
Total number of points: 0

From 10 to 12 points. Congratulations – you have a high-stress tolerance level. It will help you in your life many times both in your work and in developing personal relations.

From 13 to 20 points. The test has shown a low-stress tolerance level. We recommend you study in our courses to practice coping with stress.

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