The sin of fornication. Sex education

The sin of fornication. The sin of adultery. Abstinence training                      

In Christianity, the sin of fornication is a mortal sin and illustrates the victory of the body over the spirit. Fornication includes the physical intimacy of unmarried persons, adultery and sexual perversions. Such behaviour can lead to a health-threatening addiction called sex addiction or hypersexuality. Treatment of this condition in psychology is encompassed under sex education. 

Chastity. Abstinence training

In Christianity, the behaviour of a person who can control his/her sexual desires is called chastity. The personal efforts of the believer and his/her prayers addressed to God are the main methods of developing this behaviour. You can learn about abstinence and sex education training from our psychological centre.

Psychological assistance in spiritual psychology

In practical behavioral psychology, the problems of fornication and nymphomania are referred to as behavioral disorders. Therefore, in our centre, we do not treat the condition as in hospitals but teach the behavior of volitional abstinence.  If you complete the training, you’ll get the desire and ability to be chaste. If you feel that the willpower you use to control your behaviour is not enough, you can undergo poise training from our psychology centre in addition to your spiritual practice.

Psychological services and religion

There have been many cases of healing serious diseases in believers through prayer and spiritual practices. However, at the same time, believers periodically seek medical advice, and with behavioural psychology being more than a hundred years old, the level of its effectiveness in psychological requests is comparable to the effectiveness of medical methods. Given that in psychology many topics echo religious requests, the professional help of a psychologist can provide significant support in the religious development of a person.

Why is behavioural psychology better than others?

Behavioural psychology appeared as an alternative to the well-known psychological modalities. There are many psychological modalities founded on the principles of introspection (personality theory, psychoanalysis, etc.). Unfortunately, introspection does not meet the criteria of the scientific method. In contrast, behavioural psychology arose based on practical scientific behavioural discoveries, so its effectiveness is more acute. This is the only psychological modality in which the specialist is obliged to guarantee the result.

Online school. Online learning

The faith coaching is held remotely, online, so no matter where you live, you can also access it. You just need a smartphone or computer and internet access. You will not have to travel to the centre, just connect to the website and undergo training at home in your favorite chair or sofa.

Test your attitude to fornication

1. Are you aware that fornication is a mortal sin?
2. Do you know that fornication is the victory of the physical over the spiritual?
3. Do you have an aversion to fornication?
4. Can you call yourself chaste?
5. Do you understand what sin is?
6. Do you have enough willpower to restrain yourself if you feel a sexual desire?
7. Do you feel guilty if you sin?
8. Do you hesitate to tell your confessor about your sins?
9. Do you fast?
10. Do you feel you are a moral person?
Total number of points: 0

from 10 tо 12 points. Your moral behaviour is admirable. You are a good example for other religious people.

from 13 to 20 points. You should think about changing your attitude to fornication and maybe getting professional assistance to change your moral behavior if you feel that you lack personal motivation.

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