Post-traumatic disorders.
Toxic relationships

Toxic relationship. How to get out of a toxic relationship?       

Toxic relationships are a learned type of behaviour that is characterized by emotional abuse. Signs of toxic relationships are associated with such emotions as jealousy, resentment, grievance, anger, aggression, and feeling victimized. As a rule, women complain about toxic relationships with a man. Some questions that are asked at consultations: How can I get rid of toxic relationships?  How do I avoid toxic relationships in future? How can I get out of a toxic relationship? After a toxic relationship, a person experiences severe stress for a long time. As a rule, it is difficult to get out of such a relationship on your own without post-traumatic disorder.

A toxic person. How to stop being a toxic person?

Toxic relationships are a learned form of behaviour that is popularly known as bad habits. If you are considered a toxic person, this habit should be abandoned as soon as possible. Without the help of a behavioural specialist, it will be difficult for you to do this on your own.

Psychological help. Online training.

Our counselling centre can help you get out of toxic relationships and unlearn toxic behaviours with the help of behavioural specialists. The training is held online, so all you need is a smartphone or computer and Internet access. There is no need to waste time on trips, you just need to connect to the training platform and take the training at home, sitting in your favourite chair or lying on your favourite sofa, under the guidance of our specialist.

Toxic Relationship Test

1. Do you feel stressed when you see toxic people?
2. Do these people often feel resentment and insult other people?
3. Do you realize that you cannot tolerate this for a long time?
4. Are offensive jokes used in your relationship?
5. Is there abuse in your relationship?
6. Do you want to get rid of a toxic relationship?
7. Are you good at it?
8. Do you consider toxic relationships a problem?
9. Are your interests and needs in relationships not taken into account?
10. Do you agree to undergo training in avoiding toxic relationships?
Total number of points: 0

From 1 to 12 points. Your behaviour wins approval. You know how to control the relationships yourself.

From 13 – 20 points. It is worth seriously thinking about changing behaviour. If you feel that you cannot apply enough effort to get rid of toxic relationships, you need to use the services of a behaviour change specialist.

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