Psychological courses of moral behavior training

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Moral behavior in theism

In a broad sense, theism is a belief in the existence of God. Theism claims that God exists, he created the world, and he continues his activity in it.. Most creeds belong to theism. Theism believes that God is not only the creator of the world, but also takes a direct or indirect part in its management. In the twenty-first century, the number of believers in global religions continues to decrease and there are more and more theists who believe in the existence of God, but do not participate in religious organizations for various reasons. In the Russian Federation, there was even a movement "Faith in God without intermediaries". A statistical survey in the states of the former USSR showed that 80% of the population belongs to such theists. In the EU countries, 60% of the population belongs to theists who do not attend religious organizations. Moral perfection of the soul is a prerequisite for the spiritual growth of a believer. Therefore, for people who profess the principle of "God without intermediaries", we offer psychological courses of behavioral training in moral behavior. There are a lot of misconceptions about morality in the modern world, so you need to learn morality from people who have mastered this art. Then the learning process will take place without disruptions and unnecessary martyrdom. Without training, it is impossible to become a morally perfect person. To achieve this, a teacher of moral behavior who has mastered it perfectly is required. It is not possible to learn the skills of moral behavior from books, this skill is transmitted by direct training from the bearer of this skill. Currently, moral behavior can be learned in behavioral psychological courses online. Behavioral psychology is more than a hundred years old. During this time, many effective teaching methods have been developed. Today, moral behavior training takes from 2 to 6 weeks. Training will not require much effort. Classes last 20-30 minutes a day remotely online. We offer moral behavior training using behavioral psychology methods.

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