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Moral behavior in yoga

The oldest treatise on classical yoga Patanjali states that the path to yoga begins with the moral perfection of the student. At the beginning, the student must learn the moral behavior described in the principles of yama and neyama. It is impeccable moral behavior that gives the student the ability to master mystical abilities. Perfect morality makes it possible for the student to unite with the supreme mind, called God in other religions. The rest of the yoga techniques are given to the student just in order to achieve moral perfection. There are many misconceptions about morality in modern yoga, so morality needs to be learned from people who have mastered this art. Then the learning process will take place without disruptions and unnecessary martyrdom. Without training, it is impossible to become perfect in nonviolence, truthfulness, non-possessiveness, etc. To achieve this, a teacher of moral behavior who has mastered it perfectly is required. It is not possible to learn the skills of moral behavior from a book, as well as the skills of concentration and meditation. This skill is transmitted through direct contact with the bearer of this skill. Currently, moral behavior can be learned in behavioral psychological courses online. Behavioral psychology is more than a hundred years old. During this time, many effective teaching methods have been developed. Today, moral behavior training takes from 2 to 6 weeks. Training will not require much effort. Classes last 20-30 minutes a day remotely online. We offer moral behavior training using behavioral psychology methods.

We provide training services on the following principles of yama and niyama