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Moral behavior in Judaism

From the point of view of biblical religious ideology, the rise and fall of nations, natural phenomena, etc. have always been God's reaction to certain actions of Israel. The world has always been renewed through piety and repentance, but it has also plunged into the abyss of calamity and despair due to self-confidence and sin (M. Fishbein, pp. 487-488). It clearly follows from the biblical story that our well-being tomorrow depends on our behavior today. That is why special attention is paid to moral behavior. In Judaism, 613 prescriptions of moral behavior are known. They are divided into 248 prescriptions of obligatory conduct of righteousness and 365 prescriptions of prohibited types of behavior for Jews. Moral behavior in Judaism is the fulfillment of the obligations of the Jews taken before God. Immoral behavior is considered a sin. Sin gives rise to a lack of faith in the fact that God is an invisible creator and judge. The lack of understanding that a Jew is obliged to observe the moral behavior prescribed in the holy books. Since this sin will definitely be punished. For God is just. To overcome sin, one must learn moral behavior opposite to the behavior of sin. Currently, virtuous behavior can be learned in behavioral psychology courses online. After that, you will be able to avoid the behavior of sin without suffering and be a virtuous person with pleasure. Behavioral psychology is more than a hundred years old. During this time, many effective teaching methods have been developed. Today, learning new behaviors takes from 2 to 6 weeks. If the behavior of sin brings you suffering, if you understand well that you cannot continue to live like this; start the change process right now. Training will not require much effort. Classes last 20-30 minutes a day remotely online. We offer services for teaching moral behavior using psychological methods. Take advantage of your free time for spiritual growth. Learn to live without sin.

We provide services for the training of virtuous behavior