7 Ways To Enjoy Your Work

21.06.2019 Author: Psychologist Pavel Khoroshutin

“Over seven years since graduation, I seem to have changed more than a dozen jobs. I didn’t stay longer at any of them for more than six months, but there were periods when I didn’t work at all. None of my jobs fascinated me, they were not interesting, I didn’t like getting up in the mornings and going to the office, I lived from weekends to weekends. I thought for a long time about what I want to do in my life, and then, finally, I realized that I just do not like and do not want to work. I want to spend every day for my own pleasure: reading books, watching TV shows, meeting friends, sleeping as much as I want… In general, it seems to me that any normal person wants this. And the love for work is some kind of self-deception, so as not to go crazy in all that routine. I do not believe that work can be a pleasure”.

– Sergey, 29

Of course, we do not agree with Sergey: work can and even should bring pleasure. After all, we devote most of our time to work. And, unfortunately, if you are disgusted with your occupation, neither pleasant evenings nor weekends can compensate for this state – after all, they will be overshadowed by the thought that tomorrow you have to get up again and do something you don’t enjoy.

You may not like to work in principle, or simply have to stay at a hated job for some reason – in any case, this lifestyle leads to dissatisfaction with your life, conflicts with colleagues and bosses, chronic stress and the feeling that you do not fully realize your potential.

There is a way out of this state: it is just necessary to find some positive aspects in your job. In this article, we will share some ways to start liking your work and become more hardworking.


  1. What loving your work brings you
  2. How to learn to enjoy work: 7 proven ways

What loving your work brings you

What loving your work brings you

How can one turn into a hardworking person from a lazy one? First of all, it is worth recalling the advantages that love of work gives:

  • less impact of stress on health;
  • a high self-esteem;
  • continuous development;
  • respect for others;
  • financial well-being;
  • realization of their talents;
  • the pleasure of living in general.

According to the Hays international recruiting agency, 79% of company employees in recent years have encountered professional burnout syndrome. One of its main reasons is the lack of pleasure from work, as well as the feeling that work does not bring any benefits. [1] Therefore, it is obvious that people who like their jobs are less prone to stress and depression, are better able to cope with stress and fatigue.

In addition, hardworking and diligent people are much more likely to achieve real success in work. A psychologist Anders Erickson conducted an experiment: he asked student musicians how many hours they had been practicing the instrument since they first picked it up. It turned out that the best students devoted to practice about 10,000 hours. So the psychologist proved how much time it takes to achieve mastery. [2] Paying so much attention to work that you do not like is extremely difficult, isn’t it?

We will teach you to work with pleasure

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Continuous development, in turn, brings good money, the respect of others, and increases self-esteem. This means that hardworking people as a whole are much more likely to be happy with their lives than lazy people.

Of course, sometimes it’s not enough just to enjoy your job. There are difficulties in any work, and often you need to be assiduous, to cultivate patience and perseverance. But the love of work really helps overcome any difficulties.

How to learn to enjoy work: 7 proven ways

7 Ways To Enjoy Your Work

If it is incredibly difficult to overcome laziness, if work does not bring pleasure at all – what to do in this case? Psychologists give a variety of tips on how to develop hardworking skills and love your job. We will give some of them: they will teach you to find positive aspects in your job and motivation to work. The secret is that you do not need to overpower yourself and force yourself to work. It is only necessary to look at work not as convict labor, but as an opportunity, and learn to enjoy it.

1. Find something to your liking

Here’s the easiest recipe for becoming hardworking and going to work with pleasure: find an activity you enjoy. You need a job that you would love to do, even for free. You should fall asleep and wake up in anticipation of a new day when you will do what you love most.

Finding such a job is not so difficult. It’s much harder to understand what exactly you want to do. To do this, try a variety of activities, communicate with professionals in different fields, remember what you liked to do when you were a child, what you have the ability to do. Sooner or later you will surely find your way.

2. Find some pros in your current job

If you can’t change your life situation yet, first try to look differently at what you have now. Take a blank sheet of paper and make a list of things you can like in your current job. Interesting tasks, friendly colleagues, medical insurance, proximity to the subway, even just a convenient desktop – there are some advantages in each job. Reread this list more often, look for more and more advantages, find out what else you can get from the company for which you work. As a last resort, remember that job gives you the opportunity to have a roof over your head and a livelihood. We often take it for granted, but many only dream about it. Therefore, if you still can’t change your job, try to get maximal opportunities from it. [3]

3. Get creative

Our brain really does not like routine – it quickly gets tired, and in the end even degrades. For development, we need creativity. Therefore, the secret to getting pleasure from work is precisely in the creative approach. Believe me, it can be found in any business. Remember Sergey Dovlatov:

“I once took out a garbage can. It was freezing. I overturned it three meters before the garbage bin. Fifteen minutes later a janitor came to us and made a scandal. It turned out that he could easily identify the tenant and apartment number by the garbage. There is a place for creativity in any work”.

4. Develop a reward system

If during the working day you are constantly distracted and procrastinating, try to reward yourself for each completed task. This is a great way to overcome laziness and start working – because soon here will be something very pleasant. Did you make an important call? Have a nice coffee. Did you write a big letter? You can walk for a few minutes. So the work will begin to be associated not only with business, but also with pleasant moments.

5. Set yourself inspirational goals

Often work is no fun if you don’t understand why you are doing it – you simply do what you are told by inertia. The goals that you set for yourself can inspire and return the joy of work. They can be financial – for example, save money for the trip of your dreams. Or those directly related to work: to learn something new, to achieve higher performance, to get a raise. Internal motivation always works better than external, so it is important for the goal to be really yours, and not imposed from the outside. So that motivation would not be lost, make a plan to achieve the goal, hang it in a visible place and note what you have already done on the way to victory.

6. Take care of your rest

To work well, you need to have a good rest. And, oddly enough, this is also a full-fledged skill that needs to be trained and given time for. Staying in front of the TV on the couch every evening is not a complete rest: it does not fill the life with impressions, it does not switch the brain, it does not energize the body. And this is exactly what each of us needs after a hard working day. So think about what you would like to do in your free time. Maybe you have long dreamed of learning to draw or play the guitar? Or do you feel that your muscles lack movement after sitting at a computer for a long time and you should go in for sports? The main thing is to do something other than work that you sincerely like. After all, if you engage in hard work only, it is not surprising that laziness will prevail more often: this is how the psyche protects the body from overwork.

7. Turn to behavioral psychology

So, you tried different ways of developing industriousness, but you have not reached the goal. In this case, laziness and dislike of work, most likely, have become a stable model of behavior. Changing it yourself is really not easy. We recommend using the 7Spsy behavior modification technique. This is a patented method of behavioral psychology based on the theories of famous psychologists I.P. Pavlov, B.F. Skinner and A.A. Ukhtomsky. It helps identify negative attitudes that led to chronic laziness, and replace them with more positive ones. This method gives a stable result, which is achieved very quickly – the course takes only 2 to 6 weeks.

We will teach you to work with pleasure

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The course on the formation of diligence is carried out remotely and begins with a diagnosis. Throughout the course, a professional psychologist will support you in online messengers, by e-mail or over the phone.

The result of working according to the 7Spsy method will be getting rid of laziness and developing hardworking skills. You will finally love to work and start going to work with joy. And a pleasant side effect will be career growth, financial well-being, a higher standard of living and satisfaction from every day lived.


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