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Doomed to Loneliness: Who the Inсels are

05.08.2019 Author: Psychologist Pavel Khoroshutin
who are the Inceles

On the internet there is a whole community who hate beautiful people.

At the end of May, a reputable magazine ‘The Cut’ published the story of an anonymous author who calls himself an incel. Readers were shocked by the news that there is a whole community called incels on the Internet and its hidden part – the Darknet. There are many forums where they share their thoughts and pain, boast the results of plastic surgeries and rebel against the beautiful section of humanity.

Who are the incels? Let’s try to figure it out.

Incels (involuntary celibates) — is a kind of a social phenomenon containing people with psychological problems that manifest themselves in hatred towards attractive women and status men (the so-called alpha males). They call beautiful and successful women Stacy and the men they call Chad. These names are a collective image. They hate attractive women and girls and do not pay attention to them and refuse to have sex. They are drawn to wealthy, courageous and attractive alpha males.

It is difficult for the incels to live in a community. They are ignored by girls and they are unable to respond to a more confident man in a conflict situation. It is difficult for these people to find a job and keep it, and they are often alone. For an incel, the explanation is simple: they are unattractive in appearance and nature has cheated them. Only others are endowed with good muscles and a strong-willed chin, and they undeservedly get the attention of the opposite sex. They have good work, a cheerful company of friends and the ability to “be a man”. The incels experience so many rejections in their lives that they become firmly convinced that they will remain lonely and useless forever. This causes so much anger and hatred in them that they are ready to kill. There have already been cases of murders on this basis in the USA and Canada. Over the past 5 years, participants of this movement or people with a similar motivation have become involved in the violent death of 47 people.

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Incels also have other objects of hatred – their own body, which seems to them not masculine and pumped up enough, and their face, which in their opinion, is not attractive enough for the opposite sex. “Involuntary celibates” discuss their problems on forums with their “fellow losers”, and sometimes they decide to spend money on plastic surgery. 

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the number of male clients using plastic surgery services grew by 325% between 1997 and 2015. 

However, hair transplants, shoulder extensions, rib removal, and genital plastic surgery, designed to raise self-esteem and attract crowds of passionate women, cannot help the incels, since the cause of their misfortunes lies elsewhere. Their appearance is not the issue. Women are generally repelled by their attitude. Few females will pay attention to someone who calls women “trash heaps”, who is disgusted with pregnant women and considers access to women’s bodies as their inalienable right.  

To solve the problem of the “injustice of genetics and the whole world”, incels need to realize their own role in their failures and to pay attention to their behaviour. Taking responsibility is always hard while blaming others is so easy. The deep reason is that they do not hate others, but themselves, and no plastic surgery will succeed in forcing them to accept and love themselves. In their isolated community, they only warm-up, cultivate their hatred and then express it in everyday life. The community does not reject them but rather they reject themselves. 

At the end of June, it became known that the US government had allocated a grant of $ 250,000 to study the phenomenon of the emergence and development of the radical incel community. The fears are caused by the rapid growth of the community – today one of its branches – The Red Pill has 268 thousand people, of which at least 60 thousand are active participants. As part of the study, the activity of the subculture of “involuntary celibates” is to be observed, and the goal is to determine the role of the Internet in inciting hatred and the growth of violence in society.

The behaviour of a person who shares the views of the incels or considers themselves to be a part of this community needs mandatory psychological correction – both for themselves and for the benefit of the people around them. Hate has never brought joy to anyone, it only destroys lives.